VA – “The Digital Dance of Shiva
(Shiva Space Technology – SSTCD004)

The great German record label, Shiva Space Technology (SST) released this in 1999, in order to show the world how “underground” isratrance really sounded. This is a compilation that showed the psytrancers new and undiscovered psyacts mostly from the Israeli underground scene.

1. Luminus – Diablo 7:56 140bpm

2. Tal & Yossi – Deltot 7:59 140bpm

3. Infected Mushroom – Small Moves 7:20 140bpm

4. Analog Mohicans – Different Worlds 7:56 144bpm

5. Darksoho – The Fusion 8:23 145bpm

6. Shidapu feat. SST – Wheels of Time 8:01 144bpm

7. Sinister Funk – Mintfunk 9:09 144bpm

8. Infected Mushroom – Intelligate 7:12 144bpm

9. Dark Entity – Get Out 8:22 145bpm

As some of you probably already know, Shidapu (Erez Eizen from Infected Mushroom) had a massive presence on SST former releases. Erez presents 3 strong tracks on this compilation: “Shidapu feat. SST – Wheels of Time” and as Infected Mushroom with Duvdev by his side, “Small Moves” and “Intelligate”. Personally I enjoy “Small Moves” the most, with its great sound effects and the hard pulsating, driving beat, “Small Moves” just keeps on surprising me with its power. “Intelligate” follows in the same path as “Small Moves” but the thing I like most about “Intelligate”, is actually Duvdev’s twitching voice in the background, surrounding the listener. And let us not forget about the great melody running through both tracks. These two tracks are linking points between the different musical styles of the epic, “The Gathering” and the later “Classical Mushroom”. Next is Erez’s “Shidapu” project with “Wheels of Time” – also a very powerful track, with sound effects from a bathing facility with all of the echoing noises one would expect in such a setting. A crazy psychedelic track indeed. These three are all very powerful tracks with lots of weird noises, pulsating driving beats and a psychedelic twitch that I’m very exited about. Highly recommended.

As for the rest of the tracks, I’m glad to say that they follow in the same path as the above three. Personally I think “Sinister Funk – Mintfunk” is the best track when it comes to wickedness. With their usage of strange effects and scratching, the New York boys sure know how to make the dance floor bounce. A solid old school isratrance track that will blow your mind. Many may find this track to be too much. But I say; check this one out, let it grow on you! Besides the weird and crazy tracks, you also got some darker and more mystical tracks, like “Dark Soho – The Fusion” and “Dark Entity – Get Out”. These two tracks are already classics in my book, with their gothic atmosphere that is simply breathtaking . Dark Soho’s track is in the same genre as their masterpiece album, “Sun Spot”. But it fits better into this compilation, if I may humbly say so. The track opens with a mysterious, creeping melody, which turns into a dark chaotic crazy night track with heavy metal guitars. “Dark Entity” is a new act for me, never heard them before and never heard them since. But this track I like, it’s definitely the darkest track on the album. It’s got a good stomping bassline and a dark gothic soundscape in general. Dark and wonderful.

“Tal & Yossi – Deltot” has got a much more deep and bouncy bassline than most of the other tracks, these guys are relative new to the trance scene compared to the others. But indeed a very interesting track. Now, if you like heavy, monotonous beats, Tal & Yossi – Deltot should be a sure winner for you, with its dogged guitar running in and out on top of the track, and some fast sounds squealing around making the whole track enjoyable. But there is something missing, something that can make this track more interesting. It starts of being very interesting, but it never changes! Sorry to say it, but after a few rounds in the CD player, this turned out to be the most boring track on the compilation. Finally, the first track of the compilation, “Luminus – Diablo”. Now this is a GREAT track, it’s got great sound effects that seemingly swirls around in the air, making the atmosphere feel crisp around the listener.

Overall, buy this album! This compilation is a pure masterpiece of good “classic” underground isratrance. Personally I think it sounds and acts more like a full album from one artist than a compilation of many, I just wish that more compilations would give me that feeling. Two thumbs up for an amazing adventure by Shiva Space Technology. Recommended!!

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