Established in Stavanger, Norway by Leif Erik Askeland (Former member of Trold) and Ketil Mardal in 2005, these guys set out to present the world to the real world of fantasy, of psychedelic trance and mind expanding music which by many feels lost and almost forgotten. They have their presence in the world of psychedelic trance for more than 15 years as DJ’s, musicians and party organizers in Norway, as well as international psychedelic trance artists focusing on psychedelic full-on for the feet and mind. We are presented here with Nordic Psylight Records debut compilation PsylightXplosion. This is a surprisingly fresh and trippy V/A which will include 9 unreleased tracks that will for sure fill crazy dance floors all around the world!

V/A – PsylightXplosion
(Northern Psylight Records – NPRCD01)

The mystical Northern light is the tag of a beautiful light phenomenon often seen over the Northern regions of our beloved world. These magical lights have been around since our Earth formed an atmosphere millions of years ago. The dinosaurs saw it, early humans in our evolution saw it and our descendants will see it.. The Northern lights have always been mystical phenomena for all ancient cultures in all times and where commonly associated with dancing. Inhabitants believed that Northern lights were old maids, dancing and waving in perfect motion. It was a dance by the heavenly spirits across the sky. The Northern Shamans used this phenomenon in their rituals with respect, and it was a common link between the living and the dead. The Northern lights also makes magical sounds for your ears and Psychedelic spells for your eyes. It’s a mystic and magical musical displayed for our pleasure. Playing in the atmosphere with colorful lights by the heavenly spirits for us to dance and enjoy. These inspirations from the heavenly spirits influence us to respect this phenomenon with a pure heart, and.. Northern Psylight Records.. is trying to spread this message from the heavenly spirits that made all this magic in the sky happen.

Light – Sounds – dance and enjoy …

1. Braincell – New Way To Think

2. Trold – Kick’n Carries

3. Uruz – Dimension Of The Mind

4. Imaginary Sight – Organismic

5. Trold – Wonder & Amazement

6. Uruz Vs. Ansuz – Gibo

7. Mental Spark Vs. Killer Buds – Sparkling Bud

8. Ansuz Vs. Uruz – Melana

9. Yab Yum – Felicidade (Total RMX)

1. Braincell – New Way To Think :: Dj Flips, the compiler of this exciting new compilation from the North kick starts the session by dropping us a new acid trance tune by Braincell (Ralph from Rastaliens). Here we get the well known sample used by the likes of Simon Posford. As the samples echoes away we get a firm and stable groovy baseline which will lead us into jumping sounds, sparkling leads and atmospheric effects. The base drives hard pumping your body to prepare it for the rest of the journey laid down by Dj Flips. I have to say that this Braincell track really reminds me of Trold’s work – I would even get so bold to say that this track is inspired by Trold. With this opener for psylightXplosion we can hear that this compilation is going to be one fun trip into the emotion of a dancing Nordic light. Hypnotizing and wondering minds is what we should expect.

2. Trold – Kick’n Carries :: Ah, the legends, the strange ones, the Trold’s. Stein and Bjørn carry us over to a bouncier side of psylightXplosions. Always with their unique approach on psychedelic trance, we again get a special treat from the mystical producers located in Stavanger, Norway. Trold gives us a lot of skittering effects and a funky drive which leads you up to a dream world of the Norwegian 40’s/50’s children’s book / puppet movie musical theme from Karius & Baktus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karius_og_Baktus – Great sample, really brings back nostalgic memories. .. And let’s not take the speech samples for granted either. Trold knows how to make you think with their samples. It’s a track that kicks and carries you away. Masterful track!

3. Uruz – Dimension Of The Mind :: Uruz, former known as Humbug, Heggmatech and Samadi Sound Source (together with Ansuz presented later on) has already some releases under his belt on Xilium Records, Black Drop Productions ect. And he has played on different parties around the world, like Italy, India, Brazil, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and so on. Here he brings us his new project that will kick you in the third eye with an ocean of sounds and smiles to keep your attention under control. A good track, maybe a bit boring as it progresses but a blast for your tripper eyes and hands!

4. Imaginary Sight – Organismic :: Kicks us back into the loop with a strong baseline and firm effects. This is a story of strange but light moods that will for sure surprise you on the dance floor. We get a visit from a Terrance McKenna sample and a melody of strong light which will lift you up and bring you down again as you where in a rollercoaster. If there is something Imaginary sight from Macedonia knows how to do, it’s to give you a ride for life. No one will escape this rush of a storytelling. Marko Daravelski who is the brain behind this project is also known as the founder and label manager of Glowing Flame Records and Xilium Records. The track got great trippy effects and moods, a rocking track to lift your spirit for sure!

5. Trold – Wonder & Amazement :: Ah, once again we get to tune in to one of Trold’s magical tracks, this time with an even trippier mood. We are driven inside a playfield of beautiful arranged melodies with great compositions and awesome drive. As usual Trold gives us a lift and flies us away. Move it to the right side, move it to the other dimension of mysticism. As always I got great admiration to this duo which always focuses on darkish but positive energetic trance music of the forest realms. The track is absolutely mind-flipping. Great!

6. Uruz Vs. Ansuz – Gibo :: Yet again we get a track by Jostein (Uruz), but this time connected with Glen (Other half of Heggmatech and Samadi Sound Source) On this track we kick off with a baseline that sounds so familiar – I really can’t put my finger on it, but it’s driving, mad and pushing

psychedelic! Again we get an ocean of sound-effects that will trip you out like a twister in the sky. Ansuz is said to be known for his studio which includes a huge collection of odd and rare synthesizers that everyone wants to own. And this is clearly represented in this mighty colorful and trippy track which is loaded with funny, cute, strange and twisted sounds. An absolute delight for all the twisted and tweaky-sound fans out there! Check it out, you won’t regret the adventure. Mmm, hallucinations creeping up the walls. But where do I know that baseline from? Ah, yes, now I remember, it’s identical to Spindrift – Breakpoint presented on the good old V/A – Örebro Freakfactory.

7. Mental Spark Vs. Killer Buds – Sparkling Bud :: We leave the wonderful world of Gibo and wonder into the fairytale of the gangbang crew Mental Spark and Killer Buds. Now the compilation is really picking up, lifting us higher to another space of reality. These guys know how to get the party started with extremely bouncy sounds and effects. If you want to get a little bit crazy like a monkey on the dance floor, this is the track for you. Stomping beat, playful sounds that will for sure keep you entertained all the way through never ever land. This gang of people is spread all over our blue/green planet. One half is from Brazil, and the other is from Belgium. What a delight..what a trip! One of the strongest tracks presented on PsylightXplosion. Really drives you happy mad-mad – Go bounce! Boing boing boing!

8. Ansuz Vs. Uruz – Melana :: For the third and second time we get another visit from the Norwegian duo with many names. This time we are thrown into another world of crazy sounds that can cut your brain in half. Groovy baseline and wicked feelings to trip you out while trying to follow the sounds with your hands and soul. The guys push balloon noises and freaky feelings in your face. Grabbing your bouncy soul and tells it to dance and freak out! .. I must say that the impression that I get is that these guys should never leave each other, never! While Uruz’s track alone might have felt a tad empty, I feel that his talents combined with Ansuz’s talents (And Synths!) are a trippy-tweak match in heaven. It’s an energetic track with the heart of a child and soul of a fish. If this track won’t make you smile and spread laughs, then you don’t have happyflappy humor, I’m sorry. – You go guys! Hope to hear more from you in the future. Thank you.

9. Yab Yum – Felicidade (Total RMX) :: Last but oh not least, we get a track from Ajja and Gaspard. These guys with the collaboration of Tanina Munchkina and musician, Master Margherita created the label Peak Records in the summer of 2003. – Let me tell you, this track, this track that finishes off the whole holy psychedelic compilation compiled by Dj Flips is HUGE! It will actually drag your brain out of its cranium. Scatter your emotions and fears on a ground and dance upon it like the whole Goat it is! Don’t get crazy, it’s just a masterpiece ready to bend you, drown you and fly you high up to the sky again! It also got a heavy tasty baseline with good ol’skool break-beats on top! Ah, this ending sure puts a smile to my face, can’t wait to get a hold of more music from these guys! Bravo!! Amore!! Fhjuu!!

Overall.. Take a looooong breath, sit back and chill… This is one heavy compilation. Not that it’s heavy in the dark Russian style. But it has so much going on. Sounds and effects from every angle imaginable. And after a session of this album, you will feel sleepy and at peace. It’s a compilation filled with beautiful emotions and nagging effects that will make you feel Shiva’s dance, laughter and entrancing you to your eyes glitter of sparks and life. I think Dj Flips has provided us with one of the drippiest and trippiest albums of the year. It’s light and pleasant in mood, but dark and hardcore in effect – A pure psychedelic experience for your body, mind and soul. If you’re looking for some freaking effects that will bend your mind with a fresh breath of hypnotizing trance beneath it all, go to your favorite web shop and purchase this mighty fun album. Not only will you support an outstanding Norwegian visionary label manager with intensions placed at the right spot, but you will also be the lucky owner of one of this year’s craziest psychedelic trance compilations with plenty of original music from original producers. It got fresh, new and old talents that will serve you unreleased killer’s he-he. Also worth the mentioning is that the cover artwork and design is done by Flips him self – It is beautiful and represents the music perfectly. If you like releases from labels such as Peak Records and Glowing Flame Records, I suspect you know your self – Take a drop inside its world and trance to the Northern Light as our ancient brothers and sisters once did. – It was a hard album to judge and review because of its intensity and drive/effects, but you guessed it – Recommended for the freaky ones!

Total Score: 8.31667 / 10 ~ Favourite Tracks: 2, 4, 5, 7(!), 8(!), 9(!!)

Where to buy and other links:

Northern Psylight Records: http://www.northernpsylightrecords.com

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/npr/npr1cd001.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display…ase.asp?id=6022

Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=2946

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai…owDetail=132787

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/label/Northern+Psylight+Records

It’s been about a year since we last saw a release from the Norwegian ChillOut label Chill Tribe Records led by ChillOut DJ /reviewer (www.trance.net)/music collector PKS (Per Kristian Slagsvold). Finally, he’s out with his second release in the famous compilation series Relaxed – Last time we heard from CTR we got a more northern inspired chill-out compilation with many big names. This time the names are just as impressive but also warmer in style. Let’s take a dive into the sea of relaxed Journeys..

V/A – Relaxed Journeys
(Chill Tribe records – CTRCD02)

01 (8:28) Altitudes – Altitude II

02 (8:43) Nada – Earthgarden (Jong Remix)

03 (9:09) Adham Shaikh – Indu

04 (7:34) Digitalis – Noodles

05 (9:09) Jong – Unexplored Depths

06 (7:51) Makyo – Nothing Is Real (Sensual Mix)

07 (8:01) Solar Quest – Tokers Dream (Remix)

08 (8:22) EldarLife – Gone Gong

09 (4:00) Circular – Ambulo

10 (8:34) Saafi Brothers – Multiverse

1. Altitude – Altitude II (Co-up between the dream team Jaïa, Blue Planet Corporation and newly joined Silicon Sound) :: PKS leads us into a track filled with rumbling skittering noises followed by a surrounding atmosphere that will cover your Chakra with warmth and bliss. You are leaded by an exiting sample about destiny while a beautiful synth captures your attention and the beat slowly but lovely kicks in. Here we get the long awaited second Altitude track simply named Altitude II. It’s beautiful, harmonic and peaceful like floating in space while watching your face disappear. Altitude is still trippy and floating like their first release (Featured on CTR debut release Quality Relaxations), and you will get a pleasant guitar sample at the ending of this spacey chilled track. It’s a beautiful introduction to an album that promotes Relaxed Journeys.

2. Nada – Earthgarden (Jong Remix) :: is a track by the sweet melody producer Nada, remixed by the newfound talent Jong which will be presented later on this V/A. Once again dear Team Nada manages to put a smile on your face, feeling your negative energy being swept away by beautiful tumbling effects and twists. You are brought inside a Garden of Eden where peace and joy roams. This downbeat track got what it takes to make you feel like a bag of sugar with ultra sweet synths, beautiful vocals, whispering samples and strange effects. Surly a beautiful track with the heart placed just in the right spot!

3. Adham Shaikh – Indu :: Now, if there is one producer in this world who got a direct connection to it, the holy world, the world of no rules and every rule simultaneously – It is this man, no questions asked. The legend himself presents us here with what can be called the most interesting track on Relaxed Journeys. Here we get all the eastern influences we need with deep hypnotizing vocals and leads. This is a great tribute to the all might Hare Shiva! As always Adham presents us with mind dripping inducing psychedelic chill with tribal Hindu influences. Great drum work that will for sure stop time, space and room on your next holy trip. Super! Beautiful! Smooth! Scary..!

4. Digitalis – Noodles :: After a very inducing track by Adham Shaikh it’s time to wake up a bit. Feel the summer breeze and enjoy the more bouncy sides of life. Digitalis presents to us a more up-beat track with many scrounge sounds and effects taking you inside wonderland of colors and amazement. Here Digitalis gives us a sea bucket of drum works, twisted effects and moaning samples that is sure to create a strange world around you. As the track evolves you will stop to notice an extra ordinary feeling of something…. What this feeling is and represents is up to the listener. Not my personal cup of tea this feeling, to café like maybe? But objectively seen; A beautiful track that will show you wonders and deep thoughts inside your very own head. Good luck!

5. Jong – Unexplored Depths :: As presented earlier with a remix of Nada’s track Earthgarden, Jong hits you now with his own piece of art. It starts floatingly with an introduction sound while the drums and effects will fly around and over you from side to side – Really hypnotizing and beautiful. Jong, a young but experienced talent from France shows us his talents in spiritualized ChillOut. Best part for many will be when the French, or can I call it the Air elements jumps in at 02:30 minutes. This is for me where the track gets really interesting and weird adding many elements that will enhance your trip pleasure. You will also find many Hindu elements and fluids. All that is needed to enjoy this track is a smile and a pinch of amazement in your actions. Let yourself be told a story by Jong! What a journey! What a story!

6. Makyo – Nothing Is Real (Sensual Mix) :: is next, a track of oceanic feelings. You can feel the cold breeze coming in from the shore while the heavy downbeats and jumping synths play. After a small travel through a relaxed universe you will encounter a female voice telling you beautiful words and feelings. She will grab you and take you down inside your mind leaving you with a sense of stability and understanding. The beat will carry you back up again while it shows you how fun a mouthful of breath can be. This is defiantly a sensual mix made to caress your soul. But for me it seems a tad boring, nothing to really grab my attention. Not entirely my style of heart, but oh so beautiful it sounds while floating around me.

7. Solar Quest – Tokers Dream (Remix) :: Ah, the legend, the untitled ruler of acid techno of the 90’s! After a couple of more up-beat chill tracks by Jong and Makyo, Solar Quest brings us in to a world of sitars, trippy elements and beautiful vocals. Just the way we like and adore his creations! Here we are taken inside the world of peace, love and unity. Solar Quest brings us a truthful track of much wisdom and prophecy. If you adore sitars, come closer, close your eyes and fly inside his visions. If not, then push next –but hey, give it a flying chance. Either way it’s a respected artist with a respected track. On a side note, it must be one special experience to see a piece of art like this being performed live. Awesome track! Maybe a bit too much sitars for some, but hey, this is Indian spiritualism in its finest coat!

8. EldarLife – Gone Gong :: Away from the far east of Solar Quest, we find ourselves standing inside a Nordic vision, a track with hard falling spikes, strange atmospheres and deep and rough baselines. Here we are presented with a track from EldarLife who also has a saying in the great Norwegian Progressive Psy-Trance duo PhasePhour which also presented us with a nice downbeat track in the first series of Relaxed compiled by PKS. This time he went solo. I’m not entirely sure what mister Essen is trying to achieve or show us with this track. It’s a strange one, I’ll tell you that. It has many elements of instability and falling sounds. All I know is that I want very much to stand inside his creating moping at all that is passing me by. Good track – Unclear in message.

9. Circular – Ambulo :: Is an oldie when it comes to the ambient scene of the 90’s. If you’re fanatic about Biosphere (both Norwegians) you should be able to recognize this name. Circular gives us a heavy track, a strange and fluid place he is presenting us. Swishing sounds twirl by while echoes and sharp sounds make my body hair stand up. Circular presents a track that can be considered more of a creation and a thing then a music piece, well, its art. Circular displays you a special place with joy and play. Smiles and wonders. Peace and relaxations. Nothing is real, and real is nothing. What a strange trip .. For me this is a pause track since its only 4 minutes in length. None the less it’s a great track to raise your curiosity.

10. Saafi Brothers – Multiverse :: Last, but Oh not least we get a track by the well known Saafi Brothers. These brothers from other mothers present a mysteries piece with a floating but playful atmosphere. Stars glitter and space evolves as it takes it time to build and lead you on, it reveals a deep trembling base that will make the ground waggle like the sea itself. Here we get waves splashed up in your surroundings. Colorful, playful and hiding – What lurks in the deep sea is to be explored by you, the listener. This is a beautiful standstill track that ends another nice Relaxed Journey by ChillOut DJ, PKS. Sweet explorations of the mind!

Overall I would have to say that I’m just as, or a tad more impressed by PKS’s compiling skills on his second compilation release on Chill Tribe Records. As one can easily hear this release contains a much more summer vibration of life and wisdom – A new era of human civilization. Where the first release Quality Relaxations was more cold and western (in a good way), this album is much warmer and eastern influenced all over. A BIG FAT bonus to PKS, because he needs to get BIG reconditions for what is the AWSOME booklet featured inside your new bought Relaxed Journeys. A big pile of respect to PKS and his small budget to include such a well informed booklet with pictures and goodies. If you enjoy life, and you enjoy psychedelic ChillOut music at its finest! Then do not hesitate, get yourself a copy, sit down, light up and enjoy! I would trust my trip in PKS’s hands any time, that’s for sure! Recommended!

Total Score: 8.27 / 10 ~ Favourite Tracks: 1(!), 3(!!), 5(1), 7(!), 9(!)

Where to buy and other links:

Chill Tribe Records: http://www.chilltriberecords.com

Chill Tribe Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/chilltriberecords

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/label/Chill+Tribe+Records

Psyshop.com: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ctr/ctr1cd002.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display…ase.asp?id=6036

Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3012

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai…owDetail=138430

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