V/A – Nine Worlds
(Yggdrasil Records – YGG1CD001)

01 (8:49) Hutti Heita – sailing in the sky

02 (6:44) Zoolog – biochemistry and magnetism

03 (6:14) Katastrof – syndrome

04 (9:51) Loke – different vibrations

05 (7:27) Kluster – caracas maracas

06 (8:50) Fragletrollet – the invasion of the mysterious…

07 (8:33) Norwindia – raggsokk

08 (9:51) Trold – monoatomic

09 (8:57) Uruz and Ansuz – final pinal

01. Hutti Heita – Sailing in the Sky

World one, we are greeted by a strange little crooked old man in dirty pants who is trying to say something about that he’s got a special treat for us music lovers… and it seems, yes, maybe, not sure, but it may seem as if he’s offering us his wife for our honest and well thought sexual pleasure as we journey through the nine worlds of Yggdrasil’s Nine Worlds of utter pants!

*insert fart*

Great! Let’s wonder inside his house, haha, it’s a strange place with bumpy but soft and pleasant roads and the roof seems to be leaking some kind of green, orange and purple acid. Hush, I think the sexually hornyfied wife of the baker is trying to communicate, what is she blabbering about? I’m confused about if she’s ready to hump or if she’s complaining about my subjective toaster and trying to warn us about something. Could the old crippled little man be a troll? She sounds hot, a little twisted, but that just increases the sexual appeal of the spirit. I better wander in to that roooommm… oh yes, there she is. Oh my God, the door is geometrical and bubbly, how could that be? Exciting my pants none the less, I’m stepping in. .. Is that, is that her with rabbit ears, in violet? I can vaguely see her standing with her back towards me. She’s moaning, sensually. Or maybe she’s exhausted from something, maybe she’s mumbling about my view of the world? Maybe she’s scared? She’s 6 feet away from me, but for every step I take she glides away farther against the corner which is covered in soup like she’s shrinking. This room is very strange, very weird, maybe one of the funniest weirdest rooms I’ve been in for a long time. Amazing! A track that takes your attention with slow hypnotizing effects and sets it in total spun and joy with multiple bouncing cute sound effects. A bunny track if I ever saw one.

02. Zoolog – Biochemistry And Magnetism

Ok, who’s playing the drums around here, show yourself! This is very daggedida. You got some moves. Oh yeah! Still inside a house, hunting cabin or what you’d like to call it. We’re out in a deep dark trolledy forest, that’s for sure. I don’t know what’s luring in the dark, but it got sharp teeth, and I fear it might bite if I move away from my spot. Lights are turned off, imagination is running wild. A door is opened, not any door, a quirky trippy door. Who’s there!? Do you have laser pistols? I could sure need some light, so if you got one, shoot a little. Shoot it like you’re a bird riding a UFO. Ah, there we go, hahaha, the door is dancing with the lights. And the scary thing with teeth seems to have settled or maybe it’s gone? No, there it is, it’s flooded the floor with water, I bet it moves better in liquid, I better jump on this dancing steamboat, yes, that seems much safer. And the lovely birds, their so nice. I have a bird. My bird likes funny noises. Wonder if these birds would like to say hello to my bird. .. Hold that thought, seems as if the birds are going loco with bittlelittle laser rays.. Are they angry or something, they seem pretty twisted. Well, I better phone myself out of this room. Hectic yet fun.

03. Katastrof – Syndrome

what’s this, a transport vehicle to another place, we sure are in a rush mister, watch out for those trees!! Jesus Buddha, you could have run us over with yourself, are you insane! And may I ask you why we’re driving through a warzone? Captain, get us out of here, I feel like ducking and hiding. .. There we go, a little walking doesn’t hurt our feet, and with that walkie-talkie we could maybe find ourselves another house? Seems it starting to rain barbwire, not safe. This is Katastrof I tell you – No good.

04. Loke – Different Vibrations

Oh my goodness, where have we landed, inside a rusty elephant cage? *hush* I think were inside a theater, the movie is about to start. Hæ? What did the actors say, I didn’t catch that. Forget about it, here comes the best part with acid rain and small sprinkles of metal dust. It’s so beautiful and so enduring. *hush* .. .. Earth. .. .. Vibrations from the devil, the underverse … Crazy? .. I’m happy I’m sitting, because this is the most interesting dialog I’ve heard in a while, with lovely backgrounds as the actor proclaims; lets teleport the whole universe with music. hihi! I think it’s a psy-fi movie, very cute but it seems to be getting a bit snappy now. Are we being teleported as I think, and am I saying what I’m thinking? Not sure. This is a strange place we’re in, from the left to the right around and around we go with jallha-flutes on a blackboard and a lady speaking some words. It might be a devil worshipper or something, better sit nicely and don’t make fuzz until it or it is gone. Hum, got to admit that she does sing a lovely tune, and it’s a nice but strange break from the devil like creatures lurking. Ha-ha this is very weird, but I’m not sure if it makes sense or not. Maybe the mantra could tell me… Ah, yes. True. I didn’t think of it like that. You’re the one in tensing the fear. Are you saying I can’t handle your horror? Are you laughing of me or with me? Good thing I’m not paranoid at the moment, I’ll tell you that, because this tune can drag your paranoia over to new dimensions, luckily the movie ends with a smile and a truthful notion of laughter.

05. Kluster – Caracas Maracas

Alice went tumbling down the rabbit hole. Slamming her head from rock to rock *bonk dunk* making her nut go ko-ko ko-ko. Oh! What a joy Alice said while drooling rainbows, let’s go dance! Now this is mocking with class, this is paranormal fun with grinding class. A hefty ride and thumping beats makes this into a fun, ruff and tuff carnival for your psychosis to rest on. How one gets out is hard to say so you’d better ride along with it and hope the trail doesn’t go off a cliff. No worries, here you will get beautiful angel scenery, dangerous curves and warning signals only to tighten your trip. Hang on! Don’t let go, don’t lose it! This is wilder then riding falcore on acid with chemical wolfs running after you snapping their jaws. A mocking track, a beautiful playful mocking track to trigger some imagination and good hearted confusion.

06. Fragletrollet – The Invasion Of The Mysterious PartyClowns

OOoohhhhh… I think Dumbo just got drunk. We’re inside a funny looking circus tent with breathing walls full of colors and swarfs with 6 arms riding small korny pink bikes. Now, I’m no huge fan of circuses, but this seems to be an amusing psychedelic circus which plays more then you can imagine. It’s serious business, like a huge gorilla wanting to dance ballet. The band sets up its acid guitar and it’s dripping stars from the roof… Riffs in place, time to take action. SMACK! From a calm and creepy quiet baseline in the introduction stand the troll, the Fragle-man takes us on a FAT cartoon train running 100’s of meters pr hours in warp speed tchooing its way through different landscapes of curves and gateways making your tummy tickle of excitement and joy. This is terrifying and joyful to the fullest! Train settles in to its stable track while going fast backwards tunneling forward… But what is this, is it strange clowns? They sure look like partyclowns with that awkward running style. They sure are mysterious, and it seems as if that is what they now are trying to show us, how stomping mysterious they really are. – Are you ready for tales that will shatter your spine and boil your blood!? Sure, let’s go!! .. Hum, the clowns seem to be stuck in some kind of strange loop dance that isn’t very attractive. Or is that the way they actually walk? Not sure. Maybe their acid is running low because an otherwise exiting journey just turned dull and stupid. Best track in its creativity and way of portraying.

07. Norwindia – Raggsokk

As a cloud of dust we remove our self from the mysterious clowns and are swept inside a ghost bubble of haunting souls and nagging blizzards. Better take on my raggsokk, after all, when hiking in the psychedelic mountains covered in snowstorms one must dress appropriate. But what happen to the ghosts that made a shallow appearance just a moment ago? Seems like a run to the nearest shelter would be nice, maybe we’ll encounter some spirits on our path after shifting baselines from playful to firm. And there they are!! The ghosts, only these seem to have some kind of attitude problem, but gosh do they know how to twist, shift and take us on a vertical lift! A lot of adventures squeezed in to one track, but what can one expect when venturing inside Norway (Phobium) and India (Silent Horror) at the same (there is no) time! The seventh world is a fair collaboration with a couple of identity problems. A lot of lurking souls ready to talk and some snow blizzards to sweep you around your own sanity. North beast meets East beast, a wild animal. Will you take the consequence?

08. Trold – Monoatomic

It’s about time aliens landed *smile*. After sexy granma’s, raving birds, mocking bitches and mysterious clowns, we need some aliens from outer space to take full mental contact. Some lurking and shifting lights, phases that make you breathe according to its will. Maybe it’s best I sit and listen a bit. The story makes me tired yet interested. It’s been a rough trip so far and sometimes it can be nice to view the action from below, so below. There are a lot of nicely done flying elements inside this joint. The audio is light as a feather, strong as a solar storm. Dialogues makes my ears point out to catch the words trusted through the thick atmosphere. The air is filled with vibes and strange elements. Some of these materials of great magic will crush you to the floor making you feel like a ton while when it’s done, it will lift you up and play with your visuals and thoughts to make you smile. Be careful of what you think they might just read your thoughts and use it against you. But do not fear the alien trold, it does not want to harm you, only to realize what is, and what is not because nothing is and everything is also so. A scientific track.

09. Uruz and Ansuz – Final Pinal

Do not drink, do not smoke and do not, whatever you do, snuff. Let’s go straightforward as a closer with a nice drive and some sweet synth sounds chasing your astral vehicle playing strange notes to get you curious. Dialogs about a certain mushroom will lead you in to light with squeeze noise of childish behavior and serious parenting. As always, these guys combined gives you brilliant drive, sweet synths and fascinating tones. Not a lot of fairytale, but it is an educational tune in many shapes and forms. Take a look and see where the goat trail leads you.

Overall.. This is a fascinating release from well respected Yggdrasil Records. It’s a journey through Nine Worlds of pleasure, enjoyment, fear, mocking paranoia and laughter. My absolute favorite tracks on this compilation is the first track by Hutti Heita which is super heavy and floating with a lot of sweet and meaningful sound effects, and Fragletrollets masterpiece which is filled with strange mysteries and an absurd attitude. The compilation does a real good job at making the album seem as one, as it is made with a theme in mind (Yggdrasil – Nine Worlds http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norse_cosmology ?) without getting boring and repeating. This is especially present in the first half of the track, and it loses its hold on the storytelling flow around the last three tracks. For me it’s important that the track has a soul, a story to be told, to be felt. And I’m very happy to say that there are only a couple of tracks on this gathering of worlds that seem to lack this quality. Its twilight and dark to suit the moon light that shines through the trees. It has a distinctive flavor within the more joyful twisted forest realms. Katastrof for me is the track I felt less connected to, it got a bit too stressful and depended too much on tiring sound effects and drive. The Norwindia track has a very twisted story and at times it seems lost in its own confusion of what to do and where to go. A playful tune of many stories with shifting beats and playful vibes, but a bit to schizophrenic I think. The Trold track didn’t catch my attention as much as I expected it to do. But none the less it is a steady track with interesting samples and good groove. With my right hand on my heart I would say that this is the best release to represent a Norwegian psychedelic trance sound. It’s one of the best V/A’s I have yet to listen. All in all It’s not boring Full-On, it’s not boring Dark-Psy and it’s not some lost trial of gathering cool tracks. It’s a good twisted and psychedelic gathering of Nine tracks, Nine Worlds. I will recommend this for those of you who are after a new sound of forest hallucinations with a lot of trolls using humor and twists. Drink your mushroom tea and enjoy!

Total Score 9.18 / 10

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