Anakoluth – Dwelling In the Void EP
(Ektoplazm Records – EKTEP03WAV)

Anakoluth is a talented and sensitive person from the mountains of Zurich, Switzerland. He started his journey of music production when he was only 15 and fell in love with the psychedelic tones of trance music in 1998. For many, Anak should be well known outside his musical project Anakoluth as a friendly and warm moderator on one of the world’s largest PsyTrance forums, Isratrance.com. Here he has spent year’s geeking when he’s been in need of creative inspiration and has helped peers find their way through a massive portal of information. In 2004 he got his very first official release on the fairly unknown compilation, Enginewitty released by Cosmic Conspiracy Records based in New Zealand. After this he managed to release a couple of single tracks on VA’s while building a dedicated fan base around the world. In the year of 2008, he decided to release a carefully chosen number of space travel tracks on this very EP released for free for all to download and listen on Ektoplazm.com (here you can choose all medias like mp3, WAV and FLAC to download, free of charge + It’s possible to buy the release on a physical medium)

1. In A Nutshell (9:20) 132 BPM

2. Achilles’ Heel (9:04) 130 BPM

3. Feinter Les Paupières (9:01) 137 BPM

4. Delphic Haze (9:33) 134 BPM

1. In a Nutshell starts out eerie with some indications of universal travel in sadness. The beat goes progressive and the mood floats into space mode. The affects echoes in delight with enough voids for them to unfold their crystal crisp sound and image. It’s really nice to be inside this wide open space where the smallest of sounds have enough space and patience to float around and pass you. It slowly builds with more elements being added, never going maximum, only cruising in chilled paprika with a couple of clever samples of the King of infinite space.

2. Some minor hints of summer breeze, or the breeze left by a powerful comet as it has journeyed on into the universal infinity. Calm and… Sorry, my player shuffled to a Solar Fields track, and the track name was by my surprise ‘Breeze’. Ok, back to the king of infinite space, Anakoluth. Dwelling in the Void’s 2nd track, Achilles’ Heel continues the deep and firm bassline indicating together with the open space effects that this EP’s major sound force is subtile and carefully chosen soundscapes of crystal imagination. It’s a calm and sort of creepy track because of the unknown feel of what’s about to happen. It works itself up in slow progressions, taking its precise time to build and add detailed yet minor layers of wisdom to come. Some melodies of sort are added to the travel and it for sure manages to surprise with its melody play and overall skeptical and exiting emotion.

3. The fake eyelashes has an almost irritating string-thing going on, but it holds its ground as the tempo is raised and the aggression in the progression is raised to a new lever for the Dwelling in the Void EP. This track feels more like a stomper and for sure follows the Anakoluth recipe of patience and growth in perfect arrangements. Effects are nibbling and a new element of tribal drums is introduced with a warm and welcoming smile. More space-like sounds make sure we’re not forgetting we’re still in a space like place of travel and comfort. Everything feels so subtle and careful, and then Anakoluth put’s his keyboard to good use with a melodic piece that swings over the tribal drums to perfect its image into something mystical and almost angel-like with sharp weapons of defense to the feel of disco and glam before it with a drastic stop, ends.

4. Last track Delphic Haze is still in a progressive psychedelic trance mood with effects that compared to the former tracks feels less spacey and more like moving towards a destined planet of unknown mysticism. The arrangement of sounds is packed tighter, but not too tight to lose its Dwelling identity. A more ragged synth piece is introduced to compliment the feel of bursting through an alien atmosphere to settle down on a newly discovered planet of hope and dreams. Great stuff, though the landing could have been felt more complete instead of just fading into nothing and ending with you craving for more imagination.

Recommendation: Anakoluth’s debut EP on Ektoplazm.com is something very special, it’s not overly complex at all, yet it’s fine-tuned with the smartest and most comfortable details effecting around in playful maneuvers which takes some intelligence to pull through. The overall feeling throughout this space landscape is about deep minimalistic space journeys with some melodic parts here and there. The old-skool progressive feel is perfectly intact with a special charming touch revived by Anakoluth’s space-brain. I’ve enjoyed this EP on a couple of occasions and one of the better experiences I’ve had with it on the stereo was while taking a longer car drive up to the wide mountains of Norwegian Troll landscapes where mushrooms these days (Late-summer, start of autumn) grow like rays of sunshine imitating newly baked buns of moonshine.

I would also like to tip my hat to the mesmerizing artwork by Alexander Synaptic, it really shines and reflects the musical content with perfection!

This EP escalates and evolves in the gentlest manner, building nicely from the first to the last, telling a story of a journey experienced in ones mental imagination. The total sound is suited best at night for this is night-time spacegressive music with a deep soul and a nifty firm walk that plays along a trail of less is more with cold space-like hypnotic beats pushing it all forward in floating sceneries.


Where to buy, download for free and other links:

Anak’s MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/romanakl

Anak’s Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Anakoluth

Free Download: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/anakoluth-dwelling-in-the-void-ep

Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com

V/A – Igra Drijada
(Ultiva Records – ULTCD001)



03 Peletorpation – Ego Higfters








This project was a teambased work of Fragletrollet and Noized. The track starts off with hollow-funky-plastic-wooden beats covered in sugary sprinkles. As it finds its place the shifting mood stretches your face from side to side adding funny effects and mind crushing sounds. Baseline grows synchs, evolves and plays. The mushroom is kicking in strong, and this track imitates its unstable form in excellence!! When flying with the track the shifting phases and directions can drag you down to the earth while flying you up to the moon. Strange atmospheres and intense moods kicking in. Heavy heavy heavy.. aaahh.. Relaxation…Some strange animal is trying to communicate, what could it be? What does it want? It wants to play I think, I think I will see what it wants to play. Time for some seriously creepy wood moods now… What lurks behind that tree? Is it… Could it be? YES IT IS!! It’s a mechanical troll waving its robotic arms signaling me to crunch my back and sneak around. – Why has it become angry? Why the nagging? OOooOohh.. Spacecrafts comes to the rescue us, shoots down the evil mechanical trolling it does. But, but wait!! Don’t harm the trees, let them be, let them be!! Madness at stage now, this is overload, what is going on, why are we at war? But wait, listen to that – Angel is flying by with its ufo lights to help us in need. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THAT GOD DAMN PHONE!?! An astral fight is taking place, who will win, the ego or the truth? Sprinkle sprinkle little star; please let my mind rest as far. Why are the Chinese joining the inner flight fight? Am I Asian, I don’t think I’m Asian. What do you want Ego fucker, what do you claim?? Peace, slow down, breath, breath, exhale, inhale. Relax, it’s over now. Who won, hard to say? I think there should be some beautiful naked woman with seductive stars in here somewhere.

.. ..This is one insane tune, really fantastic with some trippy shit going on with phase and mood shifters. I truly love the work Fragletrollet and Noized has put into this track. I think it’s something of the best I’ve heard in energy and imagination in a long time. Only slap on the hand is the to brutal closing of the track, to immature and unpsy(con)trolled, but very crazy(!). Dark twilight music with some issues.

8.2/10 from me to you, you noizy troll’s!!


Where to buy and other links:

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display…ase.asp?id=7670

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ula/ula1cd001.html

Ultiva Records: http://www.ultivarecords.net/

Ultiva MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ultiva

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