Geomagnetic.TV (Umbrella Label Group) is one of those labels who spew out way too many albums and may/has become a victim of their own releasing quantity. What I have learned after getting to know some of their releases is that sometimes you will find masterpieces in their catalog, a release that has been swallowed by a label releasing impressive quantity instead of immortal quality (Also counting the releases of brother, sister, cousin and great grandfather labels and whatnot like Geo Israel, Goa Records, Digital Drugs etc). This album by Kalilaskov AS is one of those noteworthy releases and it is for sure one of the strongest and most fun filled albums I’ve heard to date from their massive catalog and I’m eager to tell you a little bit about its sound, vibe and power!

Note: This is a album release of single tracks by Kalilaskov As’ which has been released on varies compilations around the globe.

Kalilaskov As – Killas 2008 (Digital Drugs Coalition, Geo Israel, Geomagnetic.TV, Goa Records) 2009 (DIGICD006)

1 Kalilaskov As Vs. Select Project – Eliza Roza 6:48

2 Kalilaskov As – Passion 6:33

3 Kalilaskov As – Dark Psilosophy 6:32

4 Kalilaskov As – Crying Girl 6:30

5 Kalilaskov As – Dead Angel 6:33

6 Kalilaskov As – Bad Girls Go To Hell 6:17

7 Kalilaskov As – Airin (Remix) 6:38

8 StrezZ Vs. Kalilaskov As – Psy Dorados 7:18

9 Kalilaskov As Vs. Natinel – Beethoven’s Dragon 7:23

10 Kalilaskov As – Radiation Defloration 6:39

* Kalilaskov As – Secret Track .. 6:02

1. Nice intro stuff, but the track bores ***

2. Has some nice dark rolling with cinematic stuff going through the background ***

3. Fatter bassline, cooler feel. Crazy stuff. ****

4. Messes with the Terminator theme and got some impressive arrangements that manage to keep my attention sort of hooked. ****

5. Stranger mood, weirder air and changing phases. ***

6. Ooh, what an orgasmic drop-bass in the intro, this track has driven and heavy thumping power for sure. ***

7: This one got a good flow to it but wears me out. ***

8. Funny intro. Some very cool guitar stuff, blasting! ****

9. Killas drive with some good breaks and hefty stomp. ***

10. Straightforward stomper with some ghosts flying around. ***

* Bonus track is haunting in mood. ***

So what is there to be said about this best of, I mean singles album by Kalilaskov As? There’s absolutely nothing groundbreaking or classic about it. It’s for sure to be forgotten faster than is fair.. But still Killas 2008 managed to surprise me by offering a lot of variation in its dark killer candy like party atmosphere for gothic minds waving lollipops in the air with fluoro-clothing’s on their escalating bodies. There is something about the colours that this music drives out of the speakers; it sort of reminds me of the tricks done by Overdream’s Wonderwise release (Avatar records), but with an even more evident take on the darker side with more play and change of landscape. I’m not saying they make the same message and vibe of music or that this is better than that album, because they are very different from each other and I prefer the Overdream album – Still, they both sort of manage to go inside my temptation of emotional delusion in bright colours reflected by the moonlight while dancing until the legs got no more juice to pump. May I say that Killas 2008 feels innovative and fun?

The style used on this album should be easy to label I think; its dark psychedelic trance music with trippy patterns and at times, a sense of humor with a lot of good’ol party smiles. It’s not meant to be taken too serious but still manages to lay an impressive impression on ones tripper mind where creative innovation is expected and appreciated. The downside of this release is the fact that it’s a gathering of single tracks instead of an album with a theme and .. purpose. So if you own most of the compilations that these tracks are presented on (which I doubt you do), I see no reason to buy this release. However if you’re a huge Kalilaskov AS fan, then this is a good opportunity to own his discography, because some of these tracks is said to be obscure and hard to find … Other than that, for what it is and what it’s not, it’s a good selection of killargh tracks for the crazed stompers of the party-party whoo-hoo scene!!

I think the artwork on Killas 2008 is almost totally awesome! I dig the neon pink colour theme with a very sexy and dangerous lady wearing a gasmask crouching with hefty energy rays behind folding out like angel wings of sort. Or maybe she’s taking a dump and the bright pink illustrations is actually a fancy variation of her stink (no wonder she’s wearing a gasmask), because I think a lot of people will find this albums sound to be highly comparable with pink crap farts from a sweaty yet sexy ass. Yes I’ll repeat myself, it’s tacky and for me personally this artwork together with the music screams candy raving Goths with sugar sweet sounds covered in darkness and imagination for the wicked people of flips.

What does Kalilaskov AS mean? It’s a strange name for an artist but yet good as any, I guess. I would say it’s a take on the word kaleidoscope with a darker twist to it since Kali (Hindu goddess) has been inserted in the beginning of the name. And ‘AS’, what’s with the ending AS? Well, in my region of the world, AS is something a firm would place behind the company name to mark that the company is a Stock Company (Aksje Selskap). Then again, I’ve been very wrong about these things before, hehe!

As far as I can gather, Vadim is a Russian brain who immigrated to the Israeli nation in the beginning of the 90’s. Here he had a massive psychedelic experience which like most, change his life and made his ears and mind open up to the more twisted and fun filled side of PsyTrance, and the sounds he presents on Killas 2008 seem to be bleeping in a good way and the overall structure is satisfying to put your ear against while drifting inside its soundscapes of candylicious destruction.

Recommendation: This album is in all honesty a lot better than properly 83% of the dark killas out there. So if you’re still hyped and happy about rolling basslines with variations and at times, surprises with cute enough effects and a mood to drive and pump you through a lot of emotions and imaginary places, I would highly recommend you to get this album, because it’s true, this is defiantly Killas 2008, ready to die U on Da dance fluoro.

Favorite tracks: 3, 4, 7, 8

Score: 7+/10

Where to buy and other links:

kaliDiscogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Kalilaskov+As

KaliBookingSpace: http://www.myspace.com/kalilaskovas

KaliMySpace: http://www.myspace.com/kalilaskovasmusic

D.D.C.: http://digi-drugs.com

D.D.C.Space: http://www.myspace.com/digitaldrugscoalition

Geomagnetic.TV: http://www.geomagnetic.tv

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ddc/ddc1cd006.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=7717

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detail.jsp;jsessionid=DFHOGFPPBPMC?showDetail=215143

Play.com: http://www.play.com/Music/MP3-Download-Album/4-/11286973/KillAS-2008/Product.html

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/home/detail/1/beatport#app=34e2&a486-index=3

Ektoplazm keeps on pushing out electronic dance and chill music for the thirsty listeners, and this release is one of those that shows you that incredible gems can and will be found at Ektoplazm’s homepage. At this music portal you will find tons of music released for free in optional qualities like WAV, mp3 and FLAC. And if you feel like using money to receive a original CD, you’re also welcomed to do so. This is a review of the Xamanist album, and I recommend you to get it fast, because words will never be able to explain such complex beauty and vivid imagination! This is my humble trial of writing a review for its genius.

Xamanist – Initiation (Ektoplazm – EKTLP02WAV)

Posted Image

1 Machu Picchu 7:07

2 Dancing Samadhi 7:15

3 Truth And Beauty 7:28

4 Across The Universe 7:07

5 This Is A Warning 7:40

6 Intergalactic 7:46

7 I’m Just Amazed 8:21

8 White Magik 7:48

9 Atlantis 7:00

1. In deep rumbling thoughts of enchanting throats, voices are transcended out by Terrence McKenna’s understandable voice followed by a star striking lift in energy pulsations until the acid sounds roam inside a room followed by a simple yet very effective kick and bass which makes the atmosphere go Goapsy. The melodies are entrancing and astral travelling, the story varies and surprises as the sounds and effects play with angelic tribadelic progressive powers!

2. Weird moods, creative tones and smashing drums. The bassline is deeper and more movable inside the funk village. The melodies get’s trolled out inside a lively forest of frogs and funny creatures smiling while viewing their arms in hypnotic and lingering gestures. Charming stuff inside this track for sure, sneaky and mysteriously spooky with so much going on in weirdo control.

3. Nice intro with interesting words, the bassline play gets ready for work while speech expresses their brotherly words of wisdom, before it gets on running down the creak with flattering metal sheets and jumping harmonica. Exiting stuff appears to be building with sounds made in good spirit and intentional behaviors.

4. Guitars. Bassline with doped crickets and a kick that is more calm and affirming, the energy level is roxie with good effects. Cool scratching like sound that points the filling while voices sway inside deep atmospheres and at times, osculated guitars playing around somewhere in the Middle East watching the sky being filled up by power puffs. Noisy but in an authentic FullOn industrial Rock n’Psy context, intense as it pushes the sanity to subtle spaced out harmonies.

5. Electro-tech vibes in a sexy and dirty industrial environment with funk placed on the groove and progress on the beat manifestation. Shamanic elements while the hi-hat and clash comes to life to create life and devotion in its light bold. Midways it sonically flips your ears and air pressure into delightful madness of the stompers behind bushes with weird tangents on their keyboard and showcased moods. Some crazy magician is mood’eling the skies. The beat is defiantly more humping then the others.

6. Haunting white fog moods with running effects and a teller’s journey with an aim to reach a distant target. Trippy basslines with appreciated effects inspired by the real stuff. Some heavier old-skool Isratrance synths surrounded by falling swirling dense sprinkles and other fun sounds and effects. What a ride, like being inside Oz’s house, should get a remix by the Yggdrasil guys ?

7. Creepy stuff, the raw bassline chews and metal-piping echoes, beat stomps strong and heavily slow. Fun is about to get it on, synthesizers crunch and sounds fills a void and works your energy wide and far. Some 50’s sort of funk feel runs the state of drifting machinery which contains mood’lightening, jumping frogs and morbid time confusing realizations. The variation and technique of creating something trippy and adventures is perfectly done with the biggest smile of odd. As melodies floats you in mystery, shamanic thoughts return with ruff padding abiding it out of the blue into the green harmonic joy fest raggadi’da. This is totally dreamful, hypnotic delicious and very creative, always with a tripper’s laughter in mind.

8. Flickering state of seeing through our reflective eyes introduces a hard knocking bassline which develops and moves while creating. There is something about psychedelics that can scare. .. . .. . . . .. . . .Do you like to get scared? … … Weird effect usage in perfect tones to create wet and sprinkled feelings, it makes your mind think your skin is dripping star rain and, for sure… It feels strange and real on your face. Well done on the effect usage, Dr. Xamenist! Get’s a bit weary as it goes but in all good sense, it got an olden and golden vibe to it.

9. Last track, metal drumming, effecting space-bubbles while deep bass and hovering static carpets fly over your head and tribadelic progression walks. Slamming whips your walls and cosmic synth-works complicates while being adored only to calm down in yet speed of attention and gymnastic Yoga in space. Drops are clearly presence. Water boarding, funny how it’s used as torture by a corrupt government, while in psychedelialand, it’s a massive trip’effector. Tension getting more lurking and bursting of lava like colour flows.

Recommendations: This is PsyTrance, this is just bloody amazing!

. I truly like the Xamenist’s way of telling complicated stories and progression of creating moods and strange pauses for the trip to exhale, inhale and exceed. It got loads of great power, great journeys, great fun and I’m sure, a great person! This album seems to have the authentic charm of creating something very interesting that should appeal to most people into this dunkadunk music we love. Both fans of older Goa-vibe tunes and trippy freestyle grooves and new power should be pleased by Xamanist’s Initiation album.

The beats, kick, bassline and… Well, everything has been different and varieted throughout. Some of the key-words here are fun, energetic, space, trippy, intense, smiling, growling and much more, all under a feel and appreciation of not sounding too confused and not becoming boring. This is hands down a fantastic album, great feel and amazing journey! There is a lot of bending tricks and a lot of trials of being something very trippy, and it works. Maybe a clear identity isn’t totally achieved since it seems to be diving in all bags of tricks, but it for sure is something special and worth checking out. It’s as complex and fun as one could imagine this genre to be, it got a lot of inspiration inside with a sense of originality and to be honest, this music should be listened to, not read about. Check it out!!

Any problems? There is a lot of stuff being pushed through the speakers and for what I love, is also where it falls. By trying to be too much.

The arwork by Adam Scott Miller is very beautiful and the mastering by Akhentek seems to be near perfect for what I know.

Posted Image

Favorite tracks: 1(!!), 2(!!), 3(!!), 4(!), 5, 6, 7, 8(!), 9(!!)

Total Score: 9.8/10

Promotional text:

Xamanist, based in Portugal, is Sérgio Ribeiro (Serguei) a PsyTrance producer born in 1977, the year they discovered rings around Uranus, Star Wars hit the cinemas and Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll dies from a drug overdose in his home in Graceland at an age of 42. It is told that since childhood the Xamanist has been playing guitar, bass, and synthesizers, so it should be no surprise that he eventually became very interested in composing electronic dance music after discovering psychedelic trance at the Boom Festival, 2000. Followed by this life-changing event, Sérgio joined forces with Syul to form Swan X-1. Together they performed their PsyTrance live across Portugal until it got disbanded in 2007. With this reflection of life experience as a basic foundation, Sérgio established the Xamanist project to concentrate on developing his own original style of psychedelic trance inspired by the pool of collective knowledge and inner uniqueness.

Xamanist defiantly aims to blend the old with the new, balancing darkness with light and melody with rhythm. So you can expect to hear classic Goa-trance influences mixed with progressive arrangements and with piches of FullOn, not the plastic. The energy, creative flow and storytelling are presented with beauty and might with a lot of weird corners to enjoy, and of course, it has high degree of psychedelism! Welcome, to the initiation Exam, I hope you have studied hard, because the Xamanist is a fair and determined guard who provides all the material for a successful experience.

Xamanist performs LIVE on guitar and synths, bringing a human touch to every show. For booking information, please email xamanist[@]gmail.com.

Where to buy, download for free and other links:

X-MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/xamanist

X-Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Xamanist

Free Download + buy CD: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xamanist-initiation

Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com

Ektoplazm Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/label/Ektoplazm

Arsenic – Arithmetix
(Manic Dragon Records – MDREC-12)

01. Demon Resort 7:17 154bpm

02. Linear Parabolic 7:34 149bpm

03. Reakt to Noise 7:08 155bpm

04. Grain Cloud 6:55 153bpm

05. Triangle Device 7:29 146bpm

06. Unregulated Power 6:53 160bpm

07. Profundis Tenebarum 7:43 148bpm

08. Obscure the Dream 7:38 152bpm

09. Caelestia 6:15 160bpm

10. + + 6:52 148bpm

11. Welcome Back 6:46 149bpm

Through spikes and needles we will walk, through hallucinations and noise we will speak and through madness we will listen. Arsenic has finally released his debut album, an album which is bound to take you through shifts and pitch with structured noise as its best companion. Released on Friday the 13th, it is a diabolical album that will twist your mind with smart moves and intelligent sounds. This album is all about moods and abstract journeys, and I think its key to tell you that in between its noise and abstracted audio appearance it has some of the most beautiful, funny and mind resting melodies you can imagine built into the whole experience. The man behind Arsenic, Fausto Emiliano Gianni Aka BON, from Italy, is credited with pushing forward the genres of trance music using modular synthesis and analog equipment together with new digital systems. And you can clearly hear that Mr. Gianni is a talented producer with many clever ideas in sound, temper and storytelling. I’ve heard few artists that can take you on such a massive brain journey in the playful sense that Arsenic is delivering. In one moment you are rushed down underground where corpses are rotting and demons are celebrating, when suddenly in a grinding fashion he will lighten the mood for you by raising you up to the clear sky with colorful abstract clouds! This is respectably, an exciting piece of musical art. The BPM’s are ranging from 146 to 160 and the variation aspects in each single track is extraordinary, it never gets boring and it seems the man is never out of ideas of how to surprise you and turn your whole existence into delightful confusion. The artwork by Quasga is a perfect representation of the music, how it sounds and what it feels like. So if you like the cover art, you will defiantly love the music inside. If I would be forced to compare this album to other artists, my mind would wander to the mixed musical realms of Infect Insect and Osom, but with its own distinct signature. In my honest opinion Arithmetix successfully manages to combine the noise factor and the high acid trance technology making it if nothing else, extremely interesting.

Arsenic is a formidable demon telling a story, through music, of a great city of the future, Caelestia, brought into a world of darkness by scientists from Arithmetix Laboratories experimenting on the structure of atomic matter – experiments which went horribly wrong. One little girl was watching the sky as it flickered red and white – it was the end of Caelestia, but not the end of the girl – sound and energy enveloped her and penetrated her soul – she became the demon who returns to us now to tell her story. As a trivial note, this album is inspired by the movies of Akira Kurasawa and Hayao Miyazaki.

Recomendation: This album will throw itself into the already popular night oriented style of high tempos, crazy pads, shifting beats, strange leads and mood confusing emotions yet it strikes as being original with strong feet to stand its own ground without copying other acts within the same dimension. Its weakness is its wearing effect of making your brain tired of the nagging and repeating sound theme that connects the album together to form the overall image and connection. Its strong and very positive sides are its power to surprise with a thousand melodies of magical moods scattered all over the album. It is the immense variations found inside the stories told that makes this album a must for all fans of ‘dark’ psychedelic trance music. It is unmistakably unusually great in amount and size. So be not in doubt, the album’s overall sound is a representation of the branch of pure mathematics dealing with the theory of numerical calculations, coated in poisonous metallic elements. It is as a white powered poisonous trioxide of arsenic. So if you’re up for a mind blowing album that will give you one hell of an emotional ride and make you exhausted, this is for you!

Be aware, brown acid and this album might do you pleasurable harm leaving you bruised while smiling.

Where to buy and other links:

Manic Dragon Records: http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/manic_dragon.htm

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/mdr/mdr1cd012.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display…ase.asp?id=7734

Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4748

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai…owDetail=214432

Isratrance.com: http://www.isratrance.com/cd-reviews/arsen…metix-d982.html

Principles of Flight – Chaos Opera

Artist: Principles of Flight

Title: Chaos Opera

Label: Timecode Records

Format: CD (digipack)

Release: 01 May 2009

Catalog: TCCD026

About the members of PoF:

Remy was born in Sweden in 1984; he started his music creation at an early age and rapidly started to produce Psy-Trance. His influences are mostly classical, and his talents go from Psychedelic trance to film-score music. He has also worked together with video game developers to create sound design and music. With a solid orchestrating and composing experience, he has orchestrated most of PoF’s classical themes.

Pierre was born in France in 1982; he started to enjoy electronic music at the age of 13 and his diverse influences led him to work with all styles of music from rock, metal, electro, trance and techno to minimal. He is also a member of Krugger Flaps, a French electro project and in 2007 he started his own minimal techno project named Stu Altik, which has already released 5 tracks in a short space of time.

Promotional words:

Principles of Flight was created in 2004 by Remy and Pierre. Their desire was to bring something new to the psychedelic scene. After a few months of collaboration they rapidly got their first live set ready and played for the first time at the Rahkti Dei festival in Belgium. At this point they decided to push their collaboration a little bit further and started producing intensively as well as releasing tracks on various compilations. Their unique combination of dance-floor smashing beats and gloomy melodies was soon recognized to be one of the most original nightly oriented FullOn Psy-Trance music. Pierre and Remy quickly established themselves on the French Psy-Trance scene and actively collaborated with other respected actors of night FullOn trance music like Phonic Request and Early Reflection. In 2006, they started working on their debut album and after almost a year of intensive creation “Night Time Lullabies” was released in December of 2006 on BooM! Records.

Now PoF are back with an epic story of Chaos Opera which is a fairytale about a twin brother and sister separated, the story starts like this: “Once upon a time in a far distant land, a land where the only colors of life were black and white, a land where laughs and smiles were forbidden and where clowns were sent to dungeons, a land where life had to obey strict rules and where amusement was controlled by a militia, lived a little girl, Eleanor.” It tells the story of Eleanor and Edward, two twins living in a colorless world, and the incredible journey, which Edward undertakes to look for his sister in the Land of the Dead. A whole world came out of the imaginations of Pierre, Remy, and Nicolas Delort, the artist behind Chaos Opera’s visual universe. To read more about the journey, read the story portrayed inside the 24 page booklet of Chaos Opera.

Chaos Opera comes in a luxury digipak triptych with a virtuoustically illustrated 24 page booklet which contains both an English and Japanese translations of Pierre Delort’s original Chaos Opera story. The disc is released on Timecode Records based in South-Africa and their digital release will contain extended versions of the 8 dance-floor tracks of the album which has been made longer in the beginning and at the end so that DJ’s can mix them in their set with a smooth approach – Which is a great initiative by Timecode and PoF!!

Track list (chapters)

01 – Into the Lands of Black and White

02 – Chaos Opera

03 – The Queen of the Dead (feat. Talpa)

04 – Eleonor’s Theme

05 – Cerberus

06 – Charon the Ferryman

07 – The Tavern, The Rebels, And The Secret Oath

08 – A Gruesome Plan

09 – The Black Mass

10 – Edward to the Rescue!

11 – The Chase

12 – A Colorful End

For producers:https://principlesofflight.bandcamp.com/album/remix-steams-002-chaos-opera

Recommendation: If you are one of many who misses the story telling contribution of The Misted Muppet’s epic album, From the Legend, this is what you have been waiting for all of these years! As a follow-up to Principle of Flight’s debut storytelling album, Night Time Lullabies, this is stronger, heavier and even more epic-action packed in your face with loads of cliffhanger moments. It’s mad in emotion as you can feel the intensity of the main character rescuing his sister from the terrible creatures of death and heavy in sensation as he travels through land, sea and forests.

Where their debut NTL had a more Full-On touch and softer approach, Chaos Opera has a hard hitting Techno vibe to a FullOn-PsyTrance realm. As usual the artwork by Nicolas is beautiful and soft and Pierre’s stories are exiting and enchanting for both young and old. There are loads of theatrical scenes scattered through the 12 chapters to be experience under the hard grey driving power that is the main sound theme of Chaos Opera. When experiencing the music from deep inside, you will be able to hear and see a magnificent and intense story being told that will for sure expand your existence and thrill you with imagination. It can get tiring as a whole, but still you won’t get enough of its juice because there are many emotions and areas to explore. The guys behind PoF spent more than 2 years perfecting the Chaos Opera story, artwork and music, so I would think that if you like what you hear you would take the effort of buying the music so that you will support the artists and encouraging them to make a third story for us to experience and love. This is magic, this is driving psychedelia with a storytellers touch.

8.9/10 – Because it’s a wonderful and exiting story but wears you out.

Original Story Written by Pierre Delort

Japanese Translation by Yuka Tanaka

Artwork by Nicolas Delort – www.nicolasdelort.com

Mastering by Johannes Regnier

Where to buy and other links:

PoF: http://www.principlesofflight.com

PoFSpace: http://www.myspace.com/principlesofflight

PoFvirb: http://virb.com/principlesofflight

PurePoF: http://www.purevolume.com/principlesofflight

ReverbPoF: http://www.reverbnation.com/principlesofflight

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Principles+Of+Flight

Timecode: http://www.timecode.co.za

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display…ase.asp?id=7870

Psyshop.com: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tcc/tcc1cd026.html

Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4907

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content…372/chaos_opera

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai…owDetail=21831

Bonus music-review story by psytones:

Chaotically Operational Defiance
(Inspired by Principle of Flight – Chaos Opera)

Chapter one: We start out incredibly breathtakingly strong with a powerful intro of a feeling that something exiting is about to happen, something special and adventures is about to crash your existence into weird oblivion. The sounds of thrills fills your empty void, the beats manifest themselves in grotesque glory. And we are off to the land of Black and White!!

Chapter two: Beats are sturdy and strong as the drama begins, the sounds cover everything around and the baseline is followed by some crunching sound effects that are about to rip your sanity apart in howling screams and growling atmospheres. It’s quit strong the impression they manage to create with the effects that follows the beats in to the ultimate story of tomorrow presented by the principle of flight and its ultimate Opera of Chaos. The effects keeps on chasing each other, some horrid queen like creature stands in your path with gnarling teeth and smelly drool. It’s blocking the way to reach where ever we might be going. With an upper-cut of perfection and a powerful jiujutsu kick we get the ragged queen of the dead out of the away! Our feet with long toenails takes a good grab of the surface we try to run on to step it up hard and intense. To run we have to do, because beats are after our shoe, boohoo. .

Chapter three: As we run along the forest trail a lake covered in purple fog is encountered. Jumps on water we do, jumps on clarity we perceive. In the ocean we swim, deep down we dive to sea monsters we seek. Inside a cave of alien lights we crawl to find a treasure hold of sinful gold. Up the latter we climb and inside the forest we end up with strange monsters covered in moss handing us a potion of magic mushroom to twist it up. Settle down, relax your running feet Sais the misfiled trolledidoll. Something weird is happening, I start to feel like a jumping rabbit with laughing manners. Boing boing this is action to the ejaculation. The air seems so moist, why are we in such a perfect poise? A glowing Cerberus and insects alike, we all run to the UFO that hovers around the hemp field in disguise.

Chapter four: Tension grabbing us now as the wind blows stronger than ever before taking us up in the air like a swirling tomato of starlight and delight. We Land on a mountain, entering lethal ledges of eagles and kites that push us down to the ground without a fight – Tumbling down the side of the cliff. Bump, klump, dump. As we fall flat on our face in this fantastic race we encountering some beautiful sirens of the muddy forest – Whisper enchanting words of sensuality and fairytales they do, come closer we must because lovely they sound. A garden of eve appears with dripping colors of acid rain to wash our running sweat off. Presented with apples and cold lemonade, tastes so good, feels so relaxing, think I could stay for while? Maybe I could rest my head forever and ever? Wonder how mom is feeling in heaven, hope she is having a beautiful time and thinks of me from time to time

Chapter five: .. b-but what’s the deal? Why are the sirens forming cruel formations? What happen to the green grass, why is it all grey and dried up like rocks? I better not make any sudden moves, they seem to have anger in their eyes, a lust of detention, my heart and soul they need to bleed – Scary shit so don’t let them feed. Let’s get out of here, take this gigantic robot chicken I will, its useful, long steps it is able to take. Their chasing me now but this seems to go smooth, just a little bit further now, I think I see the discotheque of fun and run where the world will swirl around and around inside a spiral where the center point brings us to redemption of tension, kind of feels like a sensation.

Chapter six: As I get further inside the disco a flock of oggabogga creatures are stepping by my side to speak some words of wiggle and waggle. They say; ‘It might be possible that one steps in shallow quicksand, watch out, don’t stop and keep on running if it even means you’ll be walking or sleeping. When it’s passed you will find friends of party and smiles. Smoking games and dancing they will do to please their guest who is you, so what to do – Get inside a loop, but be careful, they might call on a troop to take a poop – Hahahaha’ – quiet now, inside this disco castle there will be no humored lyrical nonsense going on, to get on with your story you must pass these challenges of needle breaks and automating marbles inside a beach hut of despair and love actualization. Jump and pump to see if you can reach the moaning beat that rests in the far end of your chest and then you can rest – You are the best. Crazy moods of swing and swung is going mutter and nothing is more healthy then to scream it out loud to let them know you are there to be marbled and horrified in one existence. Very confusing it can be we know, but relax not yet because mysteries mind altering chases will always be present of daylight and moon raking grudges.

Chapter seven: Wild and funky squirrels chew their coconuts to demonstrate their ability to flip out in the night. Party down them does in the forest jungle of micro-supplicated bushes and trees. Take this pill and it will make you rise like bubbles in a bottle of soda-pop, don’t stop the rock a sailor proclaims. But remember; don’t drop unless you feel like a flop. These words I tell you right before you enter our ship to sail the 11 oceans of consciousness. Rough work you must do to stay on board or else the plank you will walk and there will be no talk. Nailing away rust we do, washing the wooden floor we crave because salvation comes in these drops of flops. Beneath the wooden deck jewels and margins we have to buy what we like in the 11 oceans of consciousness. Our Parrots are green, red and yellow, purple is their beak and white is their wing tips – Talk they do does as well in harmony to see what you feel.

Chapter eight: Beautiful and majestic whales approach, peace they bring yet harpoons the pirates shoot. Why this madness against the larger cetacean mammals having a streamlined body and breathing through a blowhole on the head? Do they have gold in their bellies to be captured? Do you need to sparrow the giants that floats in our conscious, can we not learn instead of attacking in the awful name of greed? – Off the ship screams the captain!! Fight for your right, to party, to live and most of all, to be! Sticks are what I use to fight and swords they use to cut your right. Up the pole I climb to catch the wing of a pigeon to escape the ship of drama and balaba. Heavy is the burden we never experienced.

Chapter nine: Fly me away to where the grass is soft and the trees are wise. Fly me away to the place where dreams are made to prosper in solitude accompanied only by nature. Settle your feet on the ground to meet the love of your life, glide over the horizon, see the ship being brought down by gigantic squids and feel the whales float in peace to hymn their song of grace in the ocean of eternal consciousness. Feel the pain of hate, feel the pride of love, take your heart and spin it off to a grave of flowers and harmony. Fall through the meadow of silky light, feel the pain being removed because you are the reason for so many to be and to feel. Experience it all, be as you are – Strange music played on strings.

Chapter ten: As you stand on the deep end of beauty you face the rightful face of judgment. Deep footsteps are hard to follow. Keep an eye up for the adventures you are facing in the dance you are racing. Don’t give up on the dreams that perceive your ego. Laugh it off while making facial expressions of joy and pain twisted in one sensational time of restless plants and shimmering light. People are talking behind and people are walking around to escape the approachable experience of truth. Some say hello, others look for what they will not like. What is the truth of your soul, your eccentric troll. Crawl like a crow to dodge the howling moon, dodge like a lightning to escape the grasping control. Have fun, all the time. Try to like it all and to be not in control to enjoy the rock and the roll.

Chapter eleven: Put on your breaks from time to time, witness the miracle of life and see the dark night sky with clouds getting cleared by the moon light to inspire nightly hunters and flowers alike. Feed on this night of magical light and pulsating energy. Feel the sting of ray and let it heal your chakras of freight and endless flight. Push the box off the steep hill, let it shatter on the ocean waved floor. Crush the label and throw it away so it might get absent and feel the tingling delight of flight and summery angels that calls out to the wind in questioning awe of wonders and stories to be told for years to come. Let the string jump from compassion to romantic hope and work up the angelic power – Never will it fail, never will it prevail, because It is there for you to feel. Exiting the threshold feels, external the rush climbs on an altering fountain.

Chapter twelve: Phjuh, can you see, what Im trying to perceive? Can you walk in these shoes? Can you feel the classical blues? Try hard to exist, try hard and resist. This is the power of now. Run as lightly with heavy shoes, but remember to walk and talk, don’t ever think about closing your eyes and sink in the brink of destruction and pain. Use it as an osculating vehicle. Let the paranoiac beats be in their own despair while you groove it to the move it. Bust that move, crunch that beat you freak. Let it break into pieces you can carry along and feel the Chaos because life is a long Opera for you to rumble and tumble but don’t worry, it ends good like eating scrumptious cheese in motorized motion without too much lotion. Life can seem rough and chaotic on the top, but dive deep and see the marvelous story being told inside the ride. Enjoy the system in Chaos. Think faster, faster, faster and faster until it can’t escalate no more and the whole mind alters to an abstract pleasure of drums and bass, because you have reach home where the drama is strong but love has never been gone, oh sweet home, won’t you come where the laughter roams, back home.

Daggadaggaziggediragga. Love to the bone!

Infected Mushroom Feat. Jonathan Davis – Smashing the Opponent
(HOM-MEGA Productions) 2009 (HMCDS13)


1. Smashing The Opponent (Album Mix) 4:30

2. Smashing The Opponent (Timo Maas Mutant Dub Mix) 8:35

3. Smashing The Opponent (Adam White Perfecto Remix) 9:41

4. Smashing The Opponent (XI Remix) 6:53

5. Smashing The Opponent (Robert Vadney’s Vicious Remix) 6:47

6. Smashing The Opponent (J.Viewz Remix) 4:44

They have released their Legend of the Black Shawarma album,

this is the Single with remixes of their hope to reach those extra thousands

of people ready to become infected by the Mushroom flue:

1. Infected Mushrooms (Album Mix) latest single is taking its viciously controversial toll by challenging the mainstream/commercial market with hooking melodies, attentive details in production, hungry vocals and a beat which might manifest a new generation of curious clubbers looking for something different, maybe something weird in a playful shroom-sense. Jonathan Davis (KoRn) is hosting the main vocals on Smashing the Opponent and if you’re one of those who like his suffering voice you’ll find the tracks lyrical theme to become sort of addictive with touches of personal truth, agony and openness, no matter how awkward it might be for some listeners. Smashing the Opponent works as a fusion as it delightfully and annoyingly combines rock, electronic and, well, dare I say; ‘Psytrance’ elements. If you can stand this pop-tart, I think you will find yourself enjoying its offering more then you’re willing to admit. I know after multiple rounds in the CD-Player, I have gotten myself a new earworm and I don’t mind it crawling around in my head for a while. Together with Shpongle I see Infected Mushroom as being one of two main acts in the wide world of commerpsylizing who are acting as important door openers with fusion of psychedelic institutions to infiltrate and aspire new lofty headspaces of potential psychonauts across the globe to discover parts of them self and the kosmos which they never knew actually existed. So watch out, the infection is spreading faster than the flue. ****

2. Timo Maas (Mutant Dub Mix) is well known by most inside the electronic club scene. This is one extremely thumping track which walks in a electro bubble with scattering bits of Jonathans voice here and there. The beat is deep’n clubby with a highness to the flow which manages to keep the legs moving and head swaying while grooving the pants, and the attention to details and bass is enjoyable so make sure you play this one on a system with base. For those interested in its style, it’s a relaxed piece and creates an Old-skool’ish groove hard to miss out on. ***

3. Adam White (Perfecto Remix) is a guy who gives us another old-skool mix and it manages to draw me right back to the über supportive and uplifting trance anthems of the late 90’s. White’s track is interesting in some aspects and becomes worn-out and ripped off in other views. What I like is the counter the classic Eurotrance-leads offer to the suffering and crying lyrics of Smashing the Opponent. It feels as if White comes in to lift and support the sad feelings of the title track which is a brotherly and an almost tear dripping attempt if you ask me. If you where to strip away the vocals you would be left with a very typical trance track from the uplifting EuroTrance days, which in this case feels like an enjoyable copy of an imitation – I know I’ve heard this melody many many times before so I’m unsure if it’s a total rip-off of some other well known melody used in that genre a million times before or if it just sounds really familiar? I like the acid touches floating around, and Ok, so it has the old cheesetrance x2c-vibe, but it does manage to mix in futuristic and beautiful bubbly details of the more tripped out space and together with the whole romantic idea of the tracks melody and power, this piece survives and becomes a swell tune for the euphoric and hopeful ones with soul. ****

4. XI (FullOn Remix) is well known name for people liking more powerful, mature and groovy trance music. This remix of Smashing the Opponent gives us some standardized Full-On PsyTrance which can become extremely boring and predictable for those wishing to reach higher and more exiting grounds, and this is where XI’s power plays a part for the better. I really like the surprising feel of the first high pitch lift of the vocal sample where XI puts the whole theme up on a shelf only to groove out a bit with a shrugging smile like we need to party and not become drawn inside the sorrow and emotional chaos which is human nature. I like the difference of Euro-Trance (Perfecto Remix) and Isra-Trance (XI Remix) which this single offers, it’s very funny and interesting to hear the Adam White remix before XI’s contribution because White’s contribution is extremely up-lifting, hopeful and euphoric in the main melody theme while the XI remix is funky, groovy, powerful and serious in its full-on realm and promotes pleasure of almost forgetting the hurtful world surrounding us asking everyone to take it like a ,,man” and party like an animal. Unfortunately my enthusiasm ends there and it becomes generically boring only offering a glimpse of what today’s mainstream PsyTrance might offer new listeners of electronic 4/4 dance music. Top points for the introduction vibe of the remix, too bad it falls short and becomes a snooze after it has stabilized itself in the first round of pumping the blood around your dancing body. ***

5. Robert Vadney (Vicious Remix) presents the roughest mix on this single where industrial elements rock the track into new grounds and pushes it onto mechanical and computerized worlds of yawn. It feels pleasing as a short snippet but when the track keeps on going and grinding it feels repeating and not saved by its computer rock elements which bleep in annoying maneuvers trying to be more interesting than it actually is. After playing this single in repeat for days I have found myself skipping one tune almost every time.. So Ok, it has an interesting almost head-banging walk representing its effort to combine Metal and Data. As an emotional side-drawn piece of the title track I guess it sort of has its value and it shouldn’t be ignored. However, it doesn’t hide the fact that this is not good in its whole unless you really like it ruff and simple with some sounds crunched by stinging bleeps and blips without much variation. **

6. The final mix by J.Views (TripLounge Remix), best known as half of Violet Vision, is maybe the best remix contributor of the lot and defiantly the most exiting one for me because of its alternative heart influenced by some great music from the days of soul and jazz. It has a lovely experimental vibe to it and the way J.Views has chosen to include elements and his own creativity in inspiration really shines a smile as it’s funny, quirky and well balanced in its poetic way of humming an alternative tune which suits perfect to the title tracks suffering agony – Beautiful. *****

Favorite Tracks: 1(!), 2, 3(!), 4, 6(!!)

Where to buy and other links:

IM-Base: http://www.infected-mushroom.com

IM-Space: http://www.myspace.com/infectedmushroomcentral

IM-Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Infected+Mushroom

Psyshop.com: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/hom/hom1cd913.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8057

Play.com: http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/12149408/Smashing-The-Opponent/Product.html

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/home/detail/1/beatport#app=7ef5&a486-index=3

Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5172

Fragletrollet is the creative and strangely imaginative product of Magnus Støren Wedén who was born in the beautiful and fairytale-like country of Norway in the everlasting year of 88. From where and when his soul descended before entering its human Earth host, is fairly unknown. From my few meetings in person with Magnus, I’d like to confirm that he’s an intelligent, young and extremely talented person with what seems to be a very bright and exiting future in clear sight. His energy and big heart has on this album taken him towards Trollish’n dark-like playful psychedelic trance realms with a special touch of storytelling, mushy-carnival and shamanistic charismatic altitudes.

Finally, years after he first started tweaking sounds for fun and love, we are getting the opportunity to listen to his tracks wrapped inside a beautiful piece of wonderful artwork by Egnogra which stinks enchanted and powerful forest trance with entheogenic confusion, and the overall sound-package is mastered by the legendary Tim Schuldt. Fragletrollet has nit-picked, adjusted and fine-tuned his tracks over the years while juggling other projects like the Unknown Cause material which in a higher sense reflects his own musical soul more correctly, and the end result is what you know have the delightful privilege of owning.

As far as I know, Fragletrollet had trouble getting a record label with balls and visions enough to release his full-length album. By chance and destiny, a respected record label called Shaman Film Records / Media was interested and willing to release his album of special non-generic sounds to the world. The result is utterly exiting, different/interesting and in total connection with what PsyTrance is all about, playground of spirits.

Fragletrollet – Playground of Spirit
(Shaman Film Records / Media – SHAMFCD011)

1. Unknown Cause – Human Alien (9:45)

2. Fragletrollet – Alien Human (10:33)

3. Fragletrollet – The Forest Spirit (10:17)

4. Fragletrollet – Beauty of Duality (9:16)

5. Fragletrollet – Reptilian Regime (8:14)

6. Fragletrollet – Manik 11 (Knights of the Awakening) (18:15)

7. Fragletrollet – Playground of Spirit (7:30)

Some strange words about the tracks:

1. The introduction track is by Unknown Cause, which is Fragletrollet’s more mature and musically balanced side-project starts off calmly with Magnus hymning in dialog with a didgeridoo whose wind blows over a landscape of light and power. Some tender moods and crystallizing sprinkles are setting the vision up as we are being guided through a path of swaying beats and ancient stories of a Human Alien in modern yet classic settings. The details are well balanced with floating elements suitable to its message, and the atmosphere weird’s before the tribal groove kicks off as we embrace a world of possibilities. This is a slow progressive alien swamp-like track with a walk of a comfortable and reutilizing 115 beats per minute, which feels good and relaxing before entering the weird and crazed spirit of Fragletrollet’s debut album.

2. The transmission flows beautifully to the next track, beats picks up in tempo, the bassline is tightly packed to create an extra strange and stomping effect – The choruses used before the 1 minute mark sort of reminds me of the ‘Animatrix OST with Junkie XL – Beauty Never Fades (edit)’ track. This is defiantly a pleasant stomper track wrapped in Progressive Goadelic for the troll’ish feat of weird stuff about to happen. It’s nice to hear that the sounds got good attention to details covered in effects and mood. The Alien Human is taking form while building patiently, dialogs between voices and sounds are in harmony. The overall walk is pretty nice and the progression is like being and expecting something exiting and curious to happen. The instrumentals play in good melodic fantasies, sort of feels like I’m in some crystallized green castle with a strong defense ready to protect, or if necessary, attack – it defiantly got a fairytale mood to it with interesting harmonics swaying and tumbling chamfering effects inside. The floating spaces with three dimensional layers are building around without being noticed as the castle piano takes you on a soft ride. The synthesizers are getting a sharper edge now, someone is slicing bread and it needs a sharp blade. Melodies used feels very deep and as the end nears, it morphs back to its predecessor with a different overlap heading towards the third track where the authentic and unique Fragletrollet sound kicks in.

3. The samples used in this third track on Fragletrollet’s Playground of Spirit have been taken from a Japanese anima named Mononoke Hime. I had the honor of watching this movie together with FragleMagnus many months ago, and besides being a fantastic animation movie about forest Gods and Demons, it was clear that Fragletrollet was in deep love and admiration with this films total story and energy, so was I. The Forest Spirit is a disturbed and special track with a hefty kick and bassline that are kicking and running in great maneuvers while the fighting madness begins (which became the stamp of Fragletrollet’s sound through the years, delightful madness inside fairytales). Siren-like spooks are entering the story, squelchy effects and different type of sounds steps in to play their twinkled tune. It suits well; each sound has its direction and feel, their own life patterns. Floating energy balls fly around while animals in the forest run and jump around in confusion of where to go because these demons coming seem fluky and swellheaded. The tension is increasing and the sirens are blowing while fighters of light hacks their swords in defense of flaming arrows. A mighty wild boar appears! – Huge as a destructive meteor, angry as a ticked off lemming. These tales are creations of the fear in one self to be concurred only by facing its own demonstration. “Maybe we took a wrong turn somewhere; this is a place of Gods and Demons”. The warlike situation exudes and powerful fighters attack each other in mental creations of good and evil. – Hard leads bashing your sanity, forcing their way inside your mind. Fragletrollet eventually revisits the battlefield with some warm sounds that grabs your hand to give you a hug and lead you through the rest of his demonizing place by adding pleasant sounds to lay your soul and mind on. Towards a fortune teller he leads you, she tells you about which paths to walk. Still the quarrel in the Spirit forest is going strong, warfare still hungry for dementation and despair. Hold on and enjoy the ride!

4. A wider and stronger feel now of angry angel wings. The sounds shimmers around as they float and a hard bassline with trasklende sounds trash the place up ripping down posers and propaganda pushers. It’s got a fat walk, really thumping heavy with ambience around and a lot for the ears and eyes to feast on. It builds up to a head-groove marked with effects making their points sweetly sting. Monks pray for their own hope, beats play rough and creates power-bar take-offs. Swirling space-creatures slugger around, tickling your ears while duality fights for its voice to be. Melody played along the story being told is lightly spinning around before being intruded by a heavy kick-break that brings orchestral peace. Storyteller’s music, film-score, excitement are flying high as hawks. The action is on, the mouse is being chased by the cat, or is the mouse chasing the cat? It crashes and smashes like a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Destruction is the key.

5. This is the Reptile Regime, heavy strings in swing creates the entry at the gate. Knocking as the heart pumps, bass hits and kick drives the heartbeat away throwing out glass splintering effects on the floor, be careful where you step now, no return. Flow is powerful and the glass splinters are escalating while a reptile like soundproof flicker around. Heavy blast… Stones are falling, swords are drawn, excitement and drama are rising to levels of lizards riding on rhinos plundering human villages, creating terror and destruction on their path to their screwed view of world order, returning to their castle as the ports are being raised…Dreaming and hoping “violins”. O’ reflect the darkness and horror these reptiles have created with their regime. Sad but true. Are there any political intentions inside?

6. Now this is one of the best moods I’ve ever heard in an intro before! It reveals forever haunting and emotional stuff. Again, but as always with a variation, enters the ragging bassline we love from Fragletrollet, and holy guacamole sings a tune. An insect that flies follows the lead. A Psychedelic cow in the sky blasts an inspirational ChillOut impact up to the moon. Now the melodies and leads make strange faces and tearing appearances. Quirky sounds follow by. Layers are working in their own special harmony. Samples speak and ringing circulates while the intro mood creeps back and background noises do their thing, looks like another world. And whoppa’, the horse rides us into more rhythmic trance, inducing stomps performed by an invisible and truthful Shaman. Story flow takes turns and weird directions with more Psy with a Cow in the Sky inspiration. Indians are joiking along the nature trail, dances being replied by Indian flutes and mumbling tribal woman while piano-like rolls weird’s up the madness. Something I don’t like much about these types of trippy factors of madness. The key choices feel very awkward and make me feel lost and sort of irritated until (luckily) Fragle picks up the tempo and groove with some exiting tricks, never getting stuck in nonsense. Some funky kicks bring your head back on a shake. Love the prayers, the flute play and weird melodies in glass-shapes when they with no worries and stress manage to roll gently yet loud out of retarded madness, which is the case of many of the tracks.

7. Things sounds epically advanced with blabbering effects and exiting moods that rises into a drum-rolled bassline out of this stomping world. Playground of Spirits feels cool while pumping. Subtle and obvious melodies are building their layer while the whirling spiral tightens and runs in near fright – feeling loose and breezy of colorful imagination. Snickering spirits play with the tension giving it nerve and posture as the twinkles and leads form breathtaking environments. It really makes the mouth mope and eyes roll in excitement and harmony in the wicked and controlled chaotic variation which is the title track of an epic and adventures album. The effects used really creates some hallucinogenic moments, and the sample work with sunny melodies levitated by a strong walk feels divine as angels hum their chores above and inside the light with delicious break’beats, before the night gets swallowed by the flash of day. And so the beautiful story ends.

Recommendation: Fragletrollet’s debut album ‘Playground of Spirit’ is about fairytales in the dark and imaginative places of one’s mind. He has set out to give the viewers and listeners a wicked ride of multiple emotions fighting for their stand and it can at times become intense and a little bit frightening with so much drama going on. This music is defiantly carnival with a special unique and soft touch by a sensitive and humble person wanting people to have some fun in their mad state of being, even though if this fun is sometimes in a land of despair. Special music is the word as Fragletrollet leads your hand through his personal journey. It’s about giving loads of impression, obscure melodies when the insanity peaks and beautiful scenery when it builds or/and lands. In my strong belief there is nothing wrong for a producer or DJ to bring their attentive viewers a ride down in their darkest corner of mind and fantasy, as long as the person leading them got the intelligence and compassion to bring them safely back up again to divine comfort and smiles.

Fragletrollet for me does this perfectly by opening up the album with a couple of tracks that prepares one for the strong ride to follow in a chilled-out and patient manner. Then he will totally crush and grind you inside his stories of demons, Gods, pixies, warriors and heroes only to lead you safe and wise out to steady grounds. There is something about Fragletrollet’s magical guts that pleases the ones who desire a special adventure and don’t mind the feeling of at times being in a motion picture with a magical movie-score with repetitive rhythms.

The sounds, effects and moods scattered and portrayed are more than willing to morph and change in everlasting dramatically sceneries to high flying harmonics with heavy bulldozing and grind making basslines that sets an deep impression. So if you like it imaginative with almost no boundaries of making something unique and exciting, I would with the strongest beat of my heart recommend you to check these sounds out in their wholeness, because the stories told are defiantly worth checking out for that extra odd experience. The style used is hard to define, if not impossible. But if I had to give it a try I would box it in Epic-Freestyle-Fairytale-Psytrance with loads of turns and twists to excite and surprise. Be aware, the sounds are near lethal; they will hit your brain in unsane manners and make you go gaga with sweet madness. For some his tunes and stories might become challenging because the mood is special, where he brings you can become unsettling, but try to be guided by his hand, watch his scenes and become entertained, because he will lead you back to safety when followed. I promise.

If you are among those who know this album and enjoyed the whole package but preferred the two first tracks and the last one which contains less madness and more steadiness, I’d suggest you keep an eye and ear open for Magnus’ project Unknown Cause, which will bring you more of the desired factors of perfected tranced and chilled psychedelia.

Key-words: Epic, Special, PsyTrance, Experimental, Forest flavors, delightful and madness in drama.

where to buy and other links:

Fragle: http://www.fragletrollet.com

FragleSpace: http://www.myspace.com/fragletrollet

FragleDiscogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Fragletrollet

Shaman Film: http://www.shamanfilms.net

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sam/sam1cd011.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8082

Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detail.jsp;jsessionid=DPAHMOIBPFMC?showDetail=225705

Play.com: http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/10771881/Playground-Of-Spirit/Product.html

Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5054

La Mila – Search Your Dream
(Naturall Productions – N4A002)

01. Pyrocluster 6:36

02. Twisted Moon 6:36

03. Cosmic Revelation 6:39

04. Upperfloating Fantasy 7:11

05. Skills & Scales 6:57

06. Liquid Medium 6:30

07. Dreamflight 6:59

08. Search Your Dream 9:10

09. Charolastra 6:51

10. El Ritmo 8:16

La Mila received beautiful gifts of melodies, sound and instrumental powers through their dreams. They have defiantly searched their lucid state to find the beauty of magic and mysticism. La Mila is a lovely new musical project by the Belgian based human hosts, Wouter Nottebaert and Tom Moons. These two sound scientists seem to have a wide understanding of electronic dance music, as Wouter has a SAE sound-engineering degree from Brussels and is reported to be the main man behind the magnificent melodies played throughout the whole journey; and Tom steps in with his talent and respected expertise within the psytrance scene as DJ Jharu where he played for about 10 years on the world’s biggest Psytrance Festivals. These guys got the experience combined to make your vivid dreams become lucid, there is no question about it!

In their debut –Search Your Dream– you are thrown into a delightful paradise of complex melodies running along with beautiful sounds and some of the more impressive instrumental usage I have heard lately, ranging from native instruments like bamboo sticks-like sounds, piano, bongo drum, flutes and a didgeridoo play by Federico Petrei in track 4, to a heavy electric guitar solo by Frank Arras in rack number 5. All this is topped with some of the better voice samples and synthesizer work I’ve heard in this sort of funky full-on dance music. The different chorus samples throughout the album are truly impressive! It’s all sugarcoated in dripping sunshine to give one the hope and smile we all deserve for a united energy. The instrumental usage together with blissful melodies inside these dreams are key elements for me to recommend this to all of you with glowing hearts out there, searching for a fresh Full-On psychedelic adventure with soul, pleasure and truth. If you like it pumping and driving, charming and cool, moaning and smiling and easy listening, this album has the touches you crave. Fear it can be too cheesy? I would say it can border the cheese fall, but in all honesty, this is the kind of cheese we all need in our life sometimes to feel a happy vibe, its delightful and you won’t put on weight, on the contrary, it will make you lose some pounds because it will make you move, dance and wave your arms and feet like the carnival of lemon sunshine dreams where upon you. The eye-catching lime fresh album art is creatively thought out by Griet Van Den Bosch and the album is released on Naturall Productions, where one of the musicians, Mr. Moons is the label manager. This also happens to be the labels debut release.

Recommendation: If you’re after an emotional delightful full-on psytrance album that will make you’re dancing feet move in green grass with bare feet without a care in the world, this is for you! If you’re looking for a heavy dose psychedelic trance album with extreme mind bending abilities or the more astral travel through the galactic universe, you might want to listen before you buy. This album is utterly beautiful in all its representative areas of earth and dream, peace and love. My only complaint would be that as the album progresses and moves in emotional landscapes, it seems to drop a little bit in variation and creativity because the album has a style that will not survive the hands of time, this album is the present (a gift), not the never fading future or a place where time does not exist. Something important to remember about this debut album is its ability to move freely in all directions, its versatile power. This is melodic Full-On to the bone and it’s defiantly best played during the daytime when the sun is high up on the blue sky!

Out of 10 glittering stars, I would give this album a solid 7.

Where to buy and other links:

Naturall Productions: http://www.naturallproductions.com/

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Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/nap/nap1cd002.html

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V/A – Moon Station
(Moon Station Records – MOONS001)

01 Space Shaman – Katedra

02 Overdream – Throughout The Time

03 oCeLoT – Levitation

04 Kraft – From The Earth

05 Nyama – Waves

06 Medea – Hellbound

07 Aku Aku – HoHo

08 RED – Mentality

09 Phobos&Deimos – Moon and Sun

10 Glooex – AnyWay

Space Shaman – Katedra: Trembling anticipation, howling ambience and rattling gristle. Space sneaks its way towards the net while holy rooms fill their pulse with ghostly monks and smoke filled booms. Sharp stings push the growling suspicion out to a tennis court of cosmic play. The build takes its wonderful time. There is no rush nor place to reach for time stands still, while the rush rushes over your awe… Beats gather in flickering motions of scattering sense, how lush it is, so free in space while on a firm track to a station far out in space without gravitational lace. Harsher tones scrape the face, time to fly hard, time to take control and dive in the deep. What a wonderful track, I love the long intro with its multiple builds without any rush what so ever, it all feels so good while the plane scrapes its belly on the soft surface of the sandy moon. I wish it would never end – the feel, the rise, the sounds and groove.

Space Shaman is the alias of Alexander from Moscow. It is told that this guy was given radio-receivers as a kid instead of toys, sometimes. What and where he contacted is not possible to say; but that he has been in some alien contact there is no doubt of because his understanding in building sub-consciousness feelings is clear and pretty evident. For more music by this Shaman, one can check out his duo with mister Batov, also from Russia – called ‘Neutral Ethos’. *********

Overdream – Throughout The Time: Overdream is personal favorite act out there in the ever expanding trance with psychedelic motions for me. They proved them self more than worthy with their beautifully crafted and fun oscillated album from 2008, Wonderwise. Here presented on this strong compilation ‘Moon Station’ they have given us a track about how one can aurally make the senses travel through time and space as this track might make time travel possible. The track has the lovely Overdream sound and keeps going far; so far it puts you for a moment in a loony bin with mental carnivals and on a fun filled ride of rollers and coasters.

As well known for some, Overdream consists of the married couple Makus and Dana Do. They ventures from the land of Ukraine and are one of the most promising acts out there in my ears. The amateurish yet charming vibes of their present tracks can and will only grow in wideness, power, strength and intelligence. As long as there is a certain harmony of this fine couples galactic home, they will for sure be able to provide us with more and more tracks where only the outer stars of our universe might stop them. After all, aim for the stars, land on the Moon Station! ********

oCeLoT – Levitation: Cheering cuts, driving nuts. Moody slings wrangling voices in your tickled ear of how conferment and whisper, where does it linger. Up or down, there or here? Breaking beats and sliding organs with powerful effects, never getting wired never falling; only rising to a point of near levitation in fascination. To be left in a spot, to think about the lot is something oCeLoT with his oscillate will sense a lot. Now twist that knot!

One of the acts in this scene with an intelligent and unafraid voice is defiantly this character. He travels the world, lives the dream and makes music he can put his balls in front of if ever needed to be defended. Few like this guy have the mind bending capability of releasing twister albums after twister albums of self control, heavy doses of psychedelia and reflection in deflection. Aaron, hats off to your selection. ********

Kraft – From The Earth: Drilling spaceships in fantastic voyages space beams travel in light and tunnels. Drilling beats knocks your feet; travel comes far when you’re stuck in a bar. Keep on powering; make yourself ready for the flight of slight delight. Track struggles to get it on, the drilling is fun. Effects fly here and there never realizing the fear it scares without tears. Some drums to settle the thought about where to go, where to take our spacecraft, will we go far from earth, what hypersniper effects will take us there, far from earth, far from fun? Angry triple drums, crashing computers, slandering electrodes, hammering beats. Has the travel settled are we on our way, to where we go far from fun? Can we get some hyperspace…?.. Ok so let me be fair, some of the effects brings on some strings of beautiful lights, colours and fun, but all in all this track is struggling too much, maybe part of its charm, the never ending fight to get it right.

This is an act concentrating on the Kraft, the Techno feel of Psytrance. A man who was deeply inspired by the psychedelic community and its roots of India. ****

Nyama – Waves: Now this I personally find amusing. When I first got to listen to this album real stoned, I was amazed by this track; it flew so far, so hard. It took me on a wild ride of intergalactic travel, fast, intense and very cool. The rush of being transported through the black mass in our universe made me think that this track is taking me far from home. Especially when the daggering layer comes on by the 03:45 mark, here the track has a power to truly fly you away, far away. When I gazed at the cover reading what this marvelous tracks name was, I read ‘Far From Earth’, and I laughed, my god I lolled, it was so thrilling because that was the thoughts I had while lying there being moved without moving. I thought it was a perfect title for my experience. Only much later I discovered that this track was not named what I thought, it was named ‘Waves’, which is also very nice and reflecting…

This guy, Jan guy from Germany who I share a name with, is a project with some good potential and we’ll be looking out for more tracks though I have a feel I might become a tad disappointed in the long run. Most tracks of his as I understand come to life while having fun at the mixing table which is and should be very normal, throwing ideas to it and others. I wish him the best of luck. Ten points for the drive, ****** stars in total.

Medea – Hellbound: Madea takes the insane to a whole new level on this compilation, as the middle man, he has a clear responsibility to shake and choke the mental cage with some demented sounds and heavy builds and blips. The bass is rolling and the atmosphere is more than disturbing yet in a sick way, extremely pleasant because of its melodic turns and swirls. It’s nice to get your bunkers out on the beach sometimes to freshen the stench of one’s crowded mind. Hellbound is a hard track, or should I say a harsh track with mental illnesses for the lovely ones. It’s not overly stupid so it gets away with the sickness. I should mention that after a rough start of loosing ones precious identity, he, Medea makes it so that he gets the lost angry, makes it gather its shit and turn on, tune in and bedaubing, drop Out! .. Well, almost at least. It has some very nice potential.

This Konstantine guy from St. Petersburg could just as well be a nutter born around a leaky nuclear reactor because this is like drinking radioactive mud which will turn you into a glowing zombie with squeaky joints. But don’t worry! Dance around it with flowers and joy because as we know, glowing zombies are fun at parties, but will rarely get a good grab unless you stand real still and let it. By that time your zombie actions deserves the glow it will manifest on you. *****

Aku Aku – HoHo: It is time to meditate the moon closer to the sun. Make the earth rotate just a little bit faster with more fruitiness and liveliness. It is time to gather the whispering noia, the beats of vegetarian soya. It has hard thumping beats with medieval klakkering sounds, rushing wind and splashing liquid with insecticide grinds. Neurons are being lid, strings are pulled and caressed like a… Wait; is this a continuing of track 5? What planet have we landed on, are we far from the moon, will we be back home soon? I hear it, back there behind the scratching sounds and crazy basslines. I hear the harmony, the fruitful forest, ah what a beautiful place, is it Earth?

Now this guy from Israel started out with a talent and ear for the psychedelic madness as a 14 year old kid. His taste was always curious about the darker and deeper realms of pie and trance. Now at the age of 23 he is producing and spinning his music around to people just waiting for those crazy moments of bliss, and sometimes, piss. *****

RED – Mentality: As Iris the Dj guides you through her compilation of deep psychedelic space flights, you get a sense of awe for the work she’s put into it with thought, feeling and gut. The flow is mere perfect, the tracks go along like silk and spiders and the power is forever present to a Moon Station. In the eight track by RED you are getting the feeling of finally getting somewhere after a few tracks with a long and confused travel. The basslines, the snickering gnome is clearer and more evident, the hold is on.

A lot of this beautiful music can be considered as spectacular architecture (pff just look at the artwork on this album by Ihtianderson and you should quickly get my drift); hence the expression ‘Talking about music is like talking about architecture’ is total bullocks in my mind. One can and should observe beautiful architecture, but with some imagination of communication it should also be possible to talk about its lines, structure, forms and hold. This track is made by a former architect student whom was born in St. Petersburg where the architecture is proud with history and spirit. This music holds the same, as it starts off by being like the former tracks only to reveal an inner structure of angelic particles and lifting sensation for the ambience lover, which with Iris’ flow is a good sign of tunes to come. *******

Phobos&Deimos – Moon and Sun: The Moon, the Sun… The build is exiting, alluring and curious of where to be lead, where to step. Personally I love this track only to fast become tired of it, it’s not perfect, but I love the key ideas, the mysterious elements of its melody, screaming builds and haunting gasps. This is tough mystique with a hint of childishness which is really to be enjoyed though it’s not so completed as one would hope, the compositions can at times ruin the great and lost feel it gives – It has flaws, we all have flaws. But no matter what, this track has elements, stages and alluring tricks to catch you in its web of haunting beauty.

Phobos & Deimos for me clearly sounds like a night project focusing on driving out ones inner phobias and demons. From Greece this duo arises with a passion for the strange, the dark and the light. Watch out for these guys and their HSS Records, they will for sure tremble your bleeding heart and thump your stomping feet. *******

AnyWay – Glooex presents to us the finishing track, and it’s the most powerful track in sense of emotions in its lingering melody, of unease and ecstatic joy. I would like to repeat what I said about the former track to this number. Difference is some humored sounds which bounce around to lighten the spirit of all the harsh travels that has been given throughout the Moon Station journey presented by the lovely Miss Iris. This is a beautiful track. ‘nuff said.

This guy from Moscow, Russia has a lot of beautiful and true inner emotions of light catching propellers and driving steam. The cream is to be found at its center, its plexus. There is something about this thrilling movie-score wave which gets to my longing emotion every time. Last I heard something like its mystique in score was on Shpongle’s ‘Walking Backwards through the Cosmic Mirror’ track. It’s about the suspense; the thriller moment of our moping expression as we try to hold on to that almost lost light of insane fight, because in the end, this is filled with positivity in heart and joy in energy. **********

Recomemendation: Yes. Buy it, if not for the music, get it for the artwork alone,

it’s more psychedelic then your granma’s soft skin!

Let me give you a score: 69/100, and that’s a sexy score.

Favorite Tracks: 1(!!), 2(!), 3(!), 5, 8, 9, 10(!!)

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