I’ve been vaguering to write this review for more then a year now. I recieved it as a present from one of the labels when I bought another release from them (Cybered – Acid Box, which I figure is a respectfull retake on The Delta’s “Send In.. Send Back” album, that I like a lot). Thanks! Shame on me for this delay. And before I begin, it’s Ok to know that I am not a great X-Dream track knower.

CD 1

1. “Radio” Eat StaticRemix
2. “Out Here We Are Stoned” ShpongleRemix
3. “Our Own Happiness” DicksterRemix
4. “Parent Plant” SybariteRemix
5. “Eleven” AtmosRemix
6. “Do You Believe” Astral ProjectionRemix
7. “Children Of The Last Generation” 4DRemix
8. “Psychomachine” MidimilizRemix
9. “Freak” Saafi BrothersRemix

CD 2

1. “Out Here We Are Stoned” Mad TribeRemix
2. “Psychoactivity” JoujoukaRemix
3. “Panic In Paradise” ManMadeManRemix
4. ”Freak of Happiness Coming Soon on Psychomachine” G.M.S.Tribute
5.“Telegram” Loud Remix
6. “Pacemaker” DeedrahRemix
7. “The Second Room ( A-Trip )” Man With No NameRemix
8. “Intercorporal Stimulator” MidimilizRemix
9. “Clone III” Blue Planet CorporationRemix

— This is a huge album when I look at it. The main artist that adorns the front page, the labels behind it, and the -mostly- well known names that have made these selected X-Dream remixes … And the remixed “We Created Our Own Happiness” cover-art isn’t bad at all — I see a barcode and another good reason to celebrate the X-past by presenting it to the Y-now with a newer sound design then what the original tracks offer. At least before the remixed tracks on this album them self start to sound not contemporary enough even though much here is what one could with will call timeless. I don’t know details around it’s process of having it be released, nor the actual work and money that went into making it become a gathered released reality. But the overall job in making this compilation album sound-as-one, is well done. And a pleasure to both ear and body — and listening through the album provides for many I’d say a recollecting of festival memories with a few inside the club box states. Actually. To listen through the album in it self gives me a strong vibe of being at a psychedelic festival, which feels intentional for this release as many have, and will hear these tracks on a natural dance-floor somewhere in the world. Some of the tracks sound older then others and of variated but experienced artitc skill. With 18 tracks some of them are like close to gems but not quit.. some seems to be fill, and the variation it manages to give you if you get this release, is really appreciated, and makes it a fun affected journey to listen and experience. So yeah it’s a  compilation of the well known and respected X-Dream, remiXed by names known for quality and the power to move dance-floors.


 “it’s probably boring but good when your in it”

So for me this lenghty (lux) and variated (yummy) release has an on-going sense of excellence to it, which is very spunky indeed. But for moments that positive notion it initially gave gets overshadowed by its “time-scattered already remixed x-dream tracks gathered to make a buck” feeling. Since X-Dream is well known for both old-school Goatrance, as well as their maybe more known -groundbreaking concrete- Tech-trance style (of Radio)… This -trip party- remixed album feels too much in the Israeli / French / UK Full-on direction.. Which is fine and dandy and all, but not necessarily that exciting when for an X-Dream remixed album, I’d personally much more prefer it to have been from the other side of the psychedelic spectrum of our sonic scene – thats to say the spectrum of what i used to call psycore, psychedelically cored trance music by the likes of CPC, Zolod (Terminator, etc.), Pizz Dozz, and In’R’Voice to mention a few.  And I think many would agree on this. The impressive old psy-tech-trance project <<Organic Noise>> by X-Dream’s Jan Müller, and Planet B.E.N. comes to mind as an example of an inspirational release that went “all the way” from the Berlin psy-freaks, to the basement equals over at the oppressed RU terretory. It seems that the Organic Noise album and style reached a city like Moscow hard, and well. Because the style born out of Russia from it, is in my opinion something really good. So why not celebrate this? They call it darkpsy, but darkpsy seems to limit the imagination of mood. This is one X-track example btw of how a X-Dream Remixed album could have been: https://beatspace-nocomment.bandcamp.com/track/organic-noise-spastic-collabar-remake

In my 18 years of taking in and giving out the psy-trance love and the massive appreciatation for it’s creative groove and initial flower power fundation that rock. I never did get dragged deep and long into the X-Dream world before many years had passed, much like Pink Floyd which is one of them names you don’t forget because it’s always there to remind you wherever you turn.

So-on-to-them-stomping-tracks, one by one *yawn* *quality dawn*

1. Eat Static track has a nice opener with a stomped -down laidback BPM. Maybe the best track on the album for me. 8,5

2. Is a nice chilled progressive full-on psytrance track without much stress that incurages to get stoned….Well baked. Nice and comfy. Like the whole packkage, it’s quality if nothing else. 7,5

3. Enters the long loved upbeat family realm of sunshine dance and trance. Groove is far out. Where we create our own happiness in a fucked up world… Careful not to let that “own sociaty” be the fucked up (as well). We’re all victim to weakness in all it’s sneaky forms. Family is growing every day. This is a good track. Be happy. Be playful. Be wicked. Be understanding. Be kind…  8

4. Into the flow the next track gives more of those known classical finger dancing body swirling -longed for by Goatrancers and acid dancers- synth riffs, still in a stoned tripping groove. Barely off your feet. Simplistic and stylsh bubbling squinchy sublime sound details in a spectral floating fashion.. 7

5. Classical x-dreamers path, good rump moves to float into a float. Old memories in a modern tie. Acid control is smooth, so the shirt loosens, and the realization of the X-Dream albums actuality hits home. The effect is strong. Less becomes so much more. Sensitivity approach and understanding is valid. Smiles and clear sight. Not to much, not to little, but just enough to dance free. 7

6. Mysterium is set, the curtains are open and the shimmer chases the sun. And bam! Like a pan cake, astral’s coda endures and creates an eastern-egyptian melodic piece of cream. Suttle and flairing, peaceful and calm, like a hoovering UFO that’s probally just a drone anyway – like it’s so hard to make a controlled huge silent quickly-accelerating flying drone profesionnally by people in the big leauges who are infront of the technology leaving the general dim-witted masses below & behind, . — The track is a beautiful piece of trance-music  7,5

7. As space has passed, the amanda takes the -dare I say- shake. Stirring around the half-empty glass.. some sparkling ice-cubes by the discoball, glasses are empty as long as theres nothing in them, unless you count particles and oxygen. Psychedelia can very well be sexy, and groovy, but it’s not about sex baby. For the more lustent sex drive, you need to fill the glass with coke. Feels good doesnt it. Yeah, the retrieving of senses into the safe and comfortable original known, the stable and in controlled. Becoming loosely connected. A powersurge drive of a track, brings out ecstasy waves from deep within the spine. The spinn of old-school trancersize daze  with super move. Progressive workout venting signs of potensial ,,braindamage”. You know, that venting-a-gland-in-your-brain sound used in a lot of basement Techno tracks.. Donno, not sure. 6

8. After the done comes shun. Heavy light tech psy, TAXI! Where is the supervisor? .. Filthy indistrual and warp-driving not sure where gravity pulls kinda gReAt track. How it rolls rules the machine driven music we create to date. Where the previous track was for them-minded-a-safe-nice-spot of almost shallow tendencies, this track is not far from it though much more in a depth. Travelling forwards in a gravitational field. Barbarian from an Eternian tribe (that shooting in He-man, i think). So familier, and smashingly heavy. 6,5

9. After a strongly dugged meal, and way into the X-Dreamed remiXed travel, it’s nice to have some pleasent dessert to make the degistive system have it’s “peace” to quorn its present. Top that process with a nice hit from the chillum, and you have all a lazy peaceful person can wish for. Life. The fruits of it – the ones we harvest & the ones we shouldn’t. It can all become philosophical. As pundering and conceiving as one can be, on a nice chilled ride on a alien camels back feeling all sway·ing·ly, transparent, and nomadish. 7,5

10. After the desert thump, people get it on, and continue rocking. Phased music for the rise. Still in it, sticking to it. Grooving the full-on with much room. Fabriquaded and stylish, acid fingers pushing buttons and turning knobs. Music dialogue hightens the involved activity. No time to wave arms, to much inside
– Inside the Mixer with X-Dream’s Remixed compilation album pushing backwards to the present future. Boiing! It’s like morning glory without the nauseating restriction on movement — very stoned. Great stuff but… This e-rection track has flourished many moons already. The details are sensitive. And this has a much more in your face steady and round full-on attitude to it then the avarage track on this, Re:X-X. 6,5

11. Being shot back up down into the moon.. Guitars and a neck of the hoods pops up. Bringing the most old-school sounding track to the table with a closing wide sample that brings me back to those UFO’s made by simple effective technology. It’s electryfying! Ripple cracking. But oh so uninspirering. Not sure if the napkins are acid drenched. More like ..clammy. But its a nice spot sure yeah, why not. Ciao. 5,5

12. Sparks create life, life creates sparks. Sturdier as the bassline rappidly fluxiate a calling for, could it be, the post man? Jefferson airscrapes away their mobile hoover furniture with cheers and fantastic melodic work. Head woggling. Listening to bubbly words that seem awefully multicapitabelly recieveble by antennas on a radio broadcasted panic in paradise geek whilst riding the astral sci-fi lane through the psychedleic family trance’s tunnel funnel. .. yeah, like, whatever. 8

13. Heftier vibes hang high building creations of fire fly. Tribal play a sweet ray of clay. Highten the senses, bore me to a trance stan. Pulling the wings while lubing the tube. Thats right freaks. The acid has platoued and we are now back to the sensation of a indoor psychedelic rave party that sample vice binds the outputted eXperience together. A tribute track to X-Dream, like we’ve heard before given to Infected Mushroom, and Hallucinogen etc by other artists like Talamasca, SynSUN…  ( : 7

14. Mind laughers drumming the drum – this will not come undone. Loud is one of those simple effective quality tuned bass&kick makers that has a distinct touch and lovely oumph and experiened sense for common grounds that is easily recognized, and loved/appreciated around the stomping globe. It connect people together on the gound – in the air. They actually seem to care about the fllowship that is bound together on a dance-floor full of meaning. I think the track could have sounded even more new sounding quality, but it might be that this is one of those old X remixes “finally” released officially. It’s ok but nothing to telegram home about. ..but if you do, the message will most proberlly reach home. At least to the front yard if you are so lucky to have one. 6,5

15. The trip is still on and the rock star has taken the top spot. Indeed it is. Crazy cool, fluffy as few in that creme dela creme way. Awesomeness at the peak while it flies deep with musical variations and typical cocky attitude of a psytrance master-blaster. Be it with or without them sunglasses. It’s a music that goes beyond actually being psychedelic or not, what it is it is and it’s electronic dance music with a nice psychedelic trance heart. And when the main cheese hits. Lawd have mercy! It’s heaven before it hits deplore. So yeah, for the thicker more stadium psytrance this is the track of them all on this remiXed album. Take it or leave it. 8

16. As we glide onwards on beloved wings, with rugged and interstellar affirmative steps, on the squeeky glitter pedal through shining stars, there is much room for floating hands high above your head allowing simultaneously to cool down sweaty armpits – touching the sky. Angel soars, and trance healing trance, dance. 8

17. From the glitter we go back to the deeper clonk of heavier & bouncy psychedelic tech trance. Effects and hi-hats grabs as the ghostly reminiccess curess into crunch and sharp bladed hugs. As usual on this compilation, the groove is strong. And the feeling of gelt is present. 6,5

18. The last effort brings a softer and more angelic “echoing in a crystal cave with what can be a neonshining crawling insect of spiraling movement” track, by the one and only (psychedelic) dream-trance producer(s?), Blue Planet Corporation. It’s floating in the antigravitation, till the beats hits mass. Simplistic techno-winked track that fills a nice gap to go find the toilet if needed. 8

The avarage of the point five scores:
7,1944444444/ 10

.. and its over. quit a journey from start to end. And again, in my lack of insight on the (3?) labels’ process in making and releasing this fluffy monster.. and in knowing if this is a time-scattered track selection or fresh and ‘on order’ kinda release – i do not really for certain know. If it is a costly on order X-VA, I would have much more prefer them to have spent their money in gathering tracks from other maybe more unknown and interesting artists, artists as mentioned in the begnning of this review for one. Anyway, in many good cases, this is a superb enough quality release with a couple of downers to have and enjoy. Even if they to the naked ear sound boring, the details in most of these tracks are really nice and intricate. .. So get it here:


Or in another shop or streaming site of your preferance.

The guitar-shaped country Norway is well known for Black Metal music while GOA really never made the bright-light heights except for the one and only mature Ra, who stands as the sole Norwegian Goatrance legend with full-length albums and projects under their belt. And after years of seemingly silence on the Sun-trip side of the Psy-side in Nor-way, came a grown and quality oozing producer named Maan, aka. Frode Ungar. This GIF btw is what I think about his Goa-trance offering on Ovnimoon Records: https://giphy.com/gifs/maan-4EGwKBPN4G7fO/fullscreen (hope the gif. works, not sure how to embed it, someone? It reflects the 3 tracks well, so click to have a look). Else, read my words:

Maan – Orbiter(OvnimoonRecords)

Artist: Maan
EP: Orbiter
Label: Ovnimoon Records
Catalogue: (ovniep261)
Released: October, 2017

1. Earthstomp – is a real treat to all Goatrance stompers out there! The intro is inducing and mystical with beautiful braiding of chants. The beats pulse in that respectful oldschool manner and has all the complexity, layers and swirls expected from a thrill-full ride without the rush to reach somewhere. Effects are amazing and I feel safe to take a trip with it’s mellow yet stellar phased construction. The part from :03:30 really gives a feeling of Amen. The hymns are calm and soothing leading to flutes having a cup of Shiva’s tea – a very tasty and rattling sip. And then at 05:13 the euphoria dance trance hits home! Om Namah Shivaya. Natural trance dance production in a sweet and electrifying psychedelic wrapping. Intelligent and kind. Sticks and stones might break our bones ….

2. Orbiter – has a smiled playful soul making a cry, the classical hypnotized Astral’s are floating gently and the beat is slowed down to thump a bit heavier on the ground while being picked up by smaller vital angelic parts of this psychedelic Goa-trance track – which also includes a tip of the hat to Juno Reactors “sharp acid-skating lines”.. Very cool, also drowsy —- it continues by picking you up from the heavier state of shroomed transformation introducing pounding beats becomes sturdier, and the awkwardness sets in whiles beauty gives wings to span a pun. The sharp junction reaction comes back, and the air thickens and becomes alive and still. Detailed in its very tiniest of molecules. The sonic sublime is in the air  The attentive care. 

3. Disconnect Me – opens a door into yet more quality Goatrance made in Norway, which is a rare item to discover. Not for the overly hyperactive though, but for sure this really does fly high and for some, by.. My review could include an essay on the problems and solutions with the heat of a scene (any scene is usually a drama scene, even ours). Things orbit, they evolve and reform, it’s good, it becomes problematic, and so it goes…Evolution and growth, collapse and rise. From a positive and lucid EP, the most negative loaded track is this final one. 

Some red-rant;  “A psychedelic hell in my opinion is where non takes psychedelia because of fear, but loves to ingest ego bloated substances, and in their greed and cunning attitude of “wanna be cool – like to see other people fail”, they go around messing with the beings that truly are in the psychedelic realm which humbles one. Too much of these egocentrics taking over is a real blow (pun intended) on any psychedelic scene”,
~ I.M.H.O. 1<3 to understand the essence of P.L.U.R. (psytones)

Man oh maan back on topic + a bit more personal localized rant, this is a great release at least for me and my sentiment and taste. First of all, genuine Goa-trance from the Norwegian woods sort of speak, does not occur often – less then rarely actually. Psy-trance in general does not occur that often here either, though the last few evolving years has generated some wildly spread fruits, some with, and some without the ace spunk. 

Anyway: I can with a first hand experience say that Maan’s LIVE performance is absolutely super to hear and experience. Highly Recommended for those considering to book him. This release is a respectful and en-joyful intricate Goatrance EP all the way from the west/south-coast of Norway.

Rating:: 4,7 / 5 (might be a tad biased but it’s a strong 4 close to a 5’r)

Fav. track, 1

Get it here ..
… and many other places. 

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