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Our focus is within the realm
of Psychedelic trance
and chillout / alt. music



Kali Earth Rec. was established as a new label on the 28th of December 2017. The first release was on the same night, and it was unmastered. The release was a single track by Material Music (a talented artist from Oslo, Norway) given to the psytrance & chill event organizer Love&Magic, in 2015. It was only now let loose, just the way it was.

KER chose a tad unconventional way of starting up the label in these times where the standards seem to have been lowered. Kali Earth Rec. decided to join the market and do the “Records Company” limbo with a true style and spice of
zest. For KER the term “Records” implies physical releases, and we intend on respecting that. We mainly use Bandcamp as our distribution channel, but we will when things are more ready and steady move onto other distributor pages as well to be more accessible to the general wider public. Without forgetting the spirit of underground. And acknowledging the positive potentials of commercial success.

Right now in-house-wise we basically offer a well produced CDr for our physical releases, and yes the standard of Digitals. But of course if it’s worth it and it is what you want, we can order in factory produced CDs, Vinyl.. We can also in-house make Cassettes btw, if thats your thing.

The KER…001 Single is a grower, so expect it to get more tracks added soon and you are welcome to offer to remix the track ….

Our aim is in general great Psytrance and ChillOut music, and we’re not afraid of pushing the envelope or to creating a new style on the way or salvaging something old.

The label name Kali Earth Records (KER) is in direct inspiration to the legendary label, Shiva Space Technology (SST).  In retrospect, you could say that the world is also too full of ,,bad kali”.. so yeah, Kali Earth.

If you think your music is good and ready to be released, give us a sound @ kaliearthrecords at gmail dot com


We come with muchlove, and truepeace of mind. 

Boom shanti *
Om Namah Shivaya