Quotes from people who heard and gave feedback on the L&M 100s (Love & Magic) track

Actually it is a really good track, driving and very good progression towards goa, great to start a set
The groove reminds me on X-Dream etc.

DJ Anoebis of Suntrip Records

Lots of nice details and the track certainly works fine with a crowd. It is a style that I can listen to and enjoy, but the lack of main riffs /melodies makes it clear that it’s a track made for adding something live on top. As it is, the track enters one ear and exits the other so to speak. There is little to remember or latch on to. I can for instance not hum a specific melody after I’m done listening to it. All though there is something from 8 minutes onwards that is very melodic and that has the potential to great if developed… From a producers standpoint, the track has a sound that works great as a groove / foundation. A foundation that I could have used to build a good track.

Ra (Christer – producer)

I really thought this was a separate genre (Material Music). Hypnotrance, Dreamtrance? Really atmospheric. What in my part characterizes good trance is its ability to enter and become a part of it. Very few releases do it right now. Either I’m too old of age, or I simply do not manage to catch the bulk of new material released these days, but this song managed to do that for me -to enter and become a part of- and thats a nice feat in it self. I’m not a «raver» anymore (probably never really been there either), so the dance floor is not often visited by me but I tested the song on a jog here the other day, and it was superb! It also has the characteristic that it is calming at low volume and energetic at high. Probably a perfect song to sit and program to (yes, i’m bit of a nerd). The ambient background is always included, and acidic sequences are sprayed all the time. The kick bass in the bottom functions as a kind of tribal feature and gives a deep and hypnotic feel. If I have to draw something from it, I can mention that the bass sometimes feels a bit like stepping on a sausage. A little like stepping on something that cracks.. A very dry overdrive maybe? Not easy to describe. Then it’s a bit lenghy. Could probably have been 5 min shorter. The items that come in at the 8-minute mark could just as well come after 3-4 minutes, and the gorgeous goa melody line coming in after 12 minutes might have come after 5 minutes, for example. But yes, good stuff! [Before the Radio Edit was made to counter these “too lengthy” comments]

Maan (producer)

hahaha .. [when told the details of the name and track length]
(….) but dont change the length [he like many first thought the track was too long]
(….) hahah if it is too long, people can mix in another beat after a while and play with it. Great dj tool

oZmaLi of Ritual for Modern Gatherings
(producer & deco-creator)

Sounds like early X-Dream / The Delta. So tech-trance I guess. It also reminds me a bit of Cybernetika’s album “The Scythe of Orion”. [When asked around to ensure it’s originality; if the track reminded someone of another artist or track]

amoe (Psy-Music.Co.Uk)

It’s a nice track, the structure and some synths remind me E-Mantra for some reason. Thanks for sharing. [When asked around to ensure it’s originality; if the track reminded someone of another artist or track]

Manuser (Psynews.org)

So this is smuuud, great!

Good delicious blend of ambient, progressive and driving psy
tight and trance driving .. enjoyed the mix very well .. nice mix of elements

MadZen (producer)

I like your song! good mix. Nice journey. Classic choice of sounds. Maybe the progression can be more evolving. There is nice dark in it. You could tease the main melody earlier in the song? [Comment on Soundcloud before the Radio Edit was made as a respons to the «too long» comments]

Arunarush (producer)

oh oh
NICE here we gooo
fucking YES! this is what i live for.
[SoundCloud and Mixcloud comments]

Dj Te’Oma (full-on dj)

This was a very challenging project to master, particularly the live version which was in a heck of a state when it came to me.  I’m glad it came out well enough to get some good reviews, personally I like this EP 🙂

Colin Bennun (OOOD)
L&M 100s KER cover-art SINGLE.jpg

❤ & ♫