9th of April 2019


The Ambient Mann EP “Another Dimension” is now finally out on our Bandcamp. Check it out here and read all about it:

14th of March 2019:
Sure, let’s start a teas for the upcoming Norwegian Goatrance VA series on Kali Earth rec”

The almighty and talented artist GOALIEN, born in Serbia, rised in Norway – having his sonic growth while experiencing the wider world with its inner and outer spaces .. has delivered a Strong and Amazing Goa-Trance track -with Super Heartfelt nostalgia- to the next Big compilation-release brewed in Norway by the Oslo born Psychedelic Trance & Chill Label, Kali Earth Records (KER). Together with xx other Norwegian born or based artists they are all a part of the comprehensive VA project “Norway’s Got Goatrance” -presenting just about all Goatrance producers from Norway —- A few other names to mention who is also a part of this “goagilde” series is RA, the most known Goatrance act from Norway -also seen by most as the crown of norwegian made Goatrance. Microcosm, the least known 90’s Goatrance act to be born in Norway but up there with Ra and other big names in truly felt Goatrance quality and argually Norways sole in Goatrance production. Clementz, the new super productive shooting star from Norway producing pure raw melodic and intensely felt hardware-made Goatrance tunes. Protostar, who has been specially revived because of this project, adding a One to their name. Trold, Vimana Shastra, Homegrown Lifeform, Psyolopher, and many more cool norwegian Psy/Goa-Trance projects !! 

The not decided expected release date is closer to the mid of spring 2019 to a web shop and streaming service near you. There will be 2 or 3 volumes.


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